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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Plattsburgh chapter.

Spring excites me to be outside, and dress in cute clothes (I only wear a hoodie and sweats every day in the winter). Once it hits 60 degrees I’m wearing a flowy top with a smoothie in hand, an instant serotonin boost. One of my favorite easy activities to do is a picnic! I’ve been trying to get off my phone, so setting up a picnic alone or with friends is always a good form of relaxation. With each picnic, I have an activity to go along with, most of the time it’s painting, journaling, or making flower crowns. 

 To start any picnic you need a basket or bag, my go-to is a simple Trader Joe’s bag. 


  • Fruits with Chocolate 
  • Small Sandwiches
  • Sushi

I don’t know about everyone else but I HATE not eating on a table, especially eating something warm on a warm day (ugh). So I tend to take smaller foods (preferably cold). For girlies 21+ getting a nice cold bottle of rose is a classic to pair things together. For girlies such as myself, a cold pouch of capri sun is 10x more elite. 


  • Flowy Dress 
  • Short Skirt + Baby Tee 
  • Long Skirt 
  • Denim Jort + Tiny Top

It doesn’t matter what you decide to wear, as long as you feel comfortable. Feeling your best is essential to the perfect picnic and being able to relax.


  • Purse (I have purse)
  • Statement Necklace
  • Bracelet Stack!! (Whether it be cute thread bracelets or a metal stack, layering them up can add spice to your outfit)
  • Hair Pieces (Recently I started adding some pizzaz in terms of hair pieces. I love using different types of headbands and bows for a cute final touch) 
  • Disposable Camera! (A super fun way to document your iconic as well as taking aesthetic photos )


  • Card Game (I like to bring uno but beware it may cause some friendship breakups depending on your competitive levels)
  • Blanket (duh! Don’t wanna be stuck getting pricked by grass)
  • Sunglasses!! 
  • Sunscreen 

Anyway, these are just some tips that I’ve put together to help you create the ultimate picnic. You can use these when you wanna relax or go out and celebrate outside with your friends. either way, making sure you got some sunlight always a good way to stay happy.

Emily Urgiles

Plattsburgh '25

Hello! I'm Emily Urgiles, a junior attending SUNY Plattsburgh. I am currently studying Social Work. I am apart of the marketing team for my chapter. I'm also a Social media manager for TRIO Student Support Services and am apart of Campus Trendsetters. In my free time I enjoy shopping, painting and spending time with friends.