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How To Support States Where Abortions Are Now Banned

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Plattsburgh chapter.

The decision to overturn Roe v. Wade has already made a detrimental impact on the United States healthcare system. Abortion is a procedure that all women should have access to without fear of government retaliation, however, it is now banned in 11 U.S states across the country. Instead of managing women’s decisions to bear children, the Supreme Court should turn its attention to the unhoused, the universal resource deficits and environmental issues.

As states now have the option to outlaw abortions after 6 weeks, an unrealistic timeframe, it is crucial to mobilize and protect our rights. Here are five websites to help educate yourself on these issues and how to help states where abortion is now illegal.

1. Planned Parenthood

This organization is known for fighting for reproductive rights. In addition, this organization supports a multitude of other services including contraception access and sexual assault support. This is a nonprofit federation that provides vital reproductive health care. Donations are split between local Planned Parent affiliates and Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

2. National Black Women’s Reproductive Agenda

This institute, founded in 2014, advocates for equal access to reproductive healthcare for the impoverished community of black women. They have partnered with eight Black Women’s Reproductive Justice organizations and are working to build a community while giving a voice to those unserved.

3. Center for Reproductive Rights

This organization works closely with the United Nations across five countries to make reproductive rights, fundamental rights. They support maternal and natal care and defend access to safe abortions and contraceptives. They are fighting against forced sterilization as well as child marriage. Donations to the center are 100% tax-deductible charitable contributions.

4. National Women’s Law Center

The NWLC works with 80 different organizations to promote and build community support for reproductive rights. This organization is made up of advocates, experts and lawyers taking on central issues of women’s lives. Donations will help fight for gender justice.

5. Abortion Care Network

This organization works to keep independent abortion clinics open. According to the Abortion Care Network, 2 in 3 women get abortions from independent clinics; however, in the past ten years more independent clinics have been forced to shut down than ever before. This network covers the administrative costs of independent clinics that rely on donors.

Equal access to dignified reproductive healthcare rights Roe v. Wade will continue to cause conflict and create unnecessary struggles for those who do not have the means to bear a child. Abortion should be a personal decision, not a political debate.

Johanna Weeks

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