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“You” is a psychological thriller series on Netflix that follows the life of a man named Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, who has a troubled past that causes him to develop deep and deadly obsessions with women.

At the end of season 3, with intentions to be with Marianne, a young woman who worked in Joe’s library, Joe poisons and killed his wife, Love, with aconite. He then faked his death and gave away his son Henry.

As Joe and Marianne talked about running away the idea to travel to Paris crosses Joe’s mind but doesn’t go as planned.

Joe ends up in London, England living as English Professor Jonathan Moore. While working at Darcy College, Joe finds himself intertwined with an elite crew of young socialites. 

One night Joe hangs out with the elites and goes home drunk and passes out. He wakes up to realize that one of the elites, Malcolm, has been murdered. With the knowledge that he didn’t kill Malcolm, Joe still takes the body and covers up the crime, something he’s not a stranger to.

Throughout the season more elites die, and the Killer is named by the public the “Eat-the-rich-killer.” Joe makes it his objective to find out the killer before the killer outs him.

While on the hunt for the killer, Joe develops a romance with Malcolm’s ex-girlfriend Kate, a young art gallery director. The killer soon begins to threaten Joe, creating conflict between Joe not wanting to be exposed and withholding the feelings he has for Kate. 

With such a plot, season 4 was entertaining but fell flat at numerous points. 

The transition from California to England was an interesting choice but felt a bit out of place for the show. The British accents and the high society lifestyle didn’t seem to fit the show’s aesthetic. 

In contrast to previous seasons, the main cast wasn’t as interesting and didn’t give me the desire to dig into their individual storylines. The main cast consisted of snobby people who didn’t have a care in the world. They were shallow and even Joe mentions how much he hates them. 

The twist about someone knowing Joe’s true identity and trying to blackmail him was a good choice, but it could’ve been more compelling. It wasn’t difficult to guess the identity of the true killer and we don’t learn how or why he is targeting Joe. 

As Joe is a serial killer that you shouldn’t be rooting for but you tend to anyway, a feeling of sorrow for him is continuously prevalent. Throughout each season, Joe being oddly likable is the focus but unfortunately, season four didn’t live up to this theory. 

Part one of season four of “You” wasn’t as pleasurable but I can predict part two will make up for it as it’ll stream on Netflix, on March 9, 2023. 

Stay tuned!

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