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5 Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Not Basic

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Since Halloween is approaching fast, it might be hard to think of a good costume for those Hallo-weekend parties. Maybe you need more than one costume for the first time in your life and it’s all too overwhelming. Been there, done that. This year, you don’t want the same costume as anyone — you want something tied to something you’re actually interested in. It might be a great way to make friends this year. If someone can understand your complex costume, they might have the same movie or music taste as you. So, if you’re all out of ideas for a costume that’s not so obvious, I have the perfect list for you.

Walter White from ‘Breaking Bad’

This costume is very recognizable if you like the show. All you’re going to need is a hazmat suit or a yellow raincoat. A black dress or shirt under this works well too. Then you’ll need goggles, but if you’re a STEM major, you can easily use those lab goggles! Then you’ll need blue construction paper to roll into small balls to complete the drug lord look.

Patrick Bateman from ‘American Psycho’

This costume is also very niche. Someone would only recognize it if they watched the movie. You’ll need a clear raincoat and a Walkman headset that’s as small as his in the movie, and a red tie to pull it all together! Add some fake blood if you’re feeling extra scary.

Corpse bride

This costume is easy — it’s something I might even consider this Halloween myself. You just need a white dress, preferably one you don’t care about, and a veil. Everything else is based on how “dead” you want to look. You can use white eye contacts and place dark eyeshadow to make your under-eyes look darker. You can even add a white bouquet and some fake blood splatter for the fun of it.


For this costume, you can even use the clothes afterward. There’s no blood in this one, but if your wardrobe aesthetic is already a lot of pinks and whites, you might have this already in your closet. You’ll need a pink long-sleeve shirt with a pink wrap-around skirt, and you can pair this with some pink tights and white ankle warmers.

Jenna Rink from ’13 going on 30′

This costume is an oldie, but if you like the 2000s movies such as “Mean Girls” or “Legally Blonde,” this costume might be a better fit for you. For this, the dress was not particularly hard to find, but if you want, there are lots of variations for this specific dress. The hard part of this costume is her 2000s-era bun. You’ll need a lot of small claw clips and hairspray — but there are loads of tutorials on YouTube so you can get the look just right.

Finding Halloween costumes can be both fun and challenging. But picking something from an interest of yours is a great way to stay true to yourself and to strike up conversation with others. Happy Halloween!

Brionne Thompson

Plattsburgh '26

Hi! Im a sophomore at SUNY Plattsburgh! I am a Journalism major, and I am from Yonkers, NY. If I’m not writing, I can be found scrolling through Pinterest, making too many vision boards and reading mystery novels.