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Your Cheat Sheet to the PA Elections

It is that time of year again. The leaves are falling. The pumpkin spice is flowing. You’re looking for that boo to keep you warm in the winter. That’s right everyone, it’s election season!

All jokes aside, this is an extremely important time, and it is imperative that we, as a nation, are ready to vote. Studies have shown that our generation is the least likely generation to vote. A study conducted back in April found that while 59% of eligible voters are Gen Xers or Millennials, we were the smallest group to vote. In 2014 we only casted 36 million votes; 21 million fewer votes than the Baby Boomers, Silent, and Greatest Generations (51 and older).

There are have been several questions as to why our generations are so unwilling to go to the voting booths. You can see on your laptops and televisions the mass campaign ads attempting to get us to vote. One of the issues people have with the voting process is the lack of information voters have on the actual candidates. People won’t vote because they don’t know the issues, and who is trying to tackle them. Well, worry not dear reader, because we did the work for you!

We have created your very own cheat sheet on the candidates this voting season! Study up everyone! The future is now!

Who’s Running for PA Governor? 

Name: Paul Glover

Party: Green Party

Website: http://www.paulglover.org/governor

Top 3 Priorities:

1.     Shifting the State budget towards ecology and justice legislation

2.     Aim to fully employ all PA residents in order to rebuild cities and suburbs toward a balance with nature

3.     Permit the formation of community based medical co-ops, in order to provide a non-profit base for statewide universal health coverage

Name: Kevin Krawchuck

Party: Libertarian

Website: http://KenK4Pa.com

Top 3 Priorities

1. Reduce inflation by eliminating property and corporate taxes

2. Tackle the opioid crisis by treating addiction as a medical issue rather than a criminal issue

3. Protect gun rights for citizens

Name: Scott Wagner

Party: Republican

Website: http://wagnerforgov.com/

Top 3 Priorities:

1. Overhaul government red tape

2. Eliminate property taxes

3. Redesign the education system

Name: Tom Wolf

Party: Democrat, Incumbent

Website: http://wolfforpa.com

Top 3 Priorities:

1. Invest in schools by restoring cut funds and expanding on technical schools

2. Invest in manufacturing jobs and apprenticeship opportunities  

3. Provide more health insurance by expanding Medicaid

Who is running for U.S Senate?

Name: Lou Barletta

Party: Republican

Website: www.LouBarletta.com

Top 3 Priorities:

1. Keep PA families safe

2. Protect PA jobs

3. Stand up for PA citizens

Name: Bob Casey Jr.

Party: Democrat

Website: http://bobcasey.com/

Top 3 Priorities:

1. Increase access to affordable health care

2. Protect PA assistance programs citizens depend on

3. Help families get ahead

Name: Neal Gale

Party: Green Party

Website: http://gale2018.com

Top 3 Priorities:

1. Remove special interest money from the political process

2. Start replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy at the federal level

3. Reform economic model to benefit everyone, supporting a baseline standard of living

Name: Dale Kerns Jr.

Party: Libertarian

Website: http://dalekerns.com

Top 3 Priorities:

1. Tackle the opioid epidemic by treating it as a medical issue not a criminal one

2. Change education system by removing federal regulations and changing education to a community-based decision

3. Abolish ICE and reform the immigration system by making an easier path to citizenship 

                                                *     *     * 

A few weeks ago, I helped register other college students to vote on Pitt’s campus. I asked a student if they would like to be registered, and they said no. They said not voting is the most patriotic thing a person can do.

To the people reading this. That is not true.

It is your civic duty to respond what happens in your government, to place people in office who actually represent you and your community. The people we put into office are civil servants, whose job is to represent you and fight for you. You decide what gets put on the table. You decide if change is made for the better.

Whatever your political leanings, it is of upmost importance for you to vote. Wake up on voting day, run to the voting booth and vote for your future. You hold the power of the future in your hands. It makes a difference. One vote can change the political tide. Do it for your friends, do it for your community and most importantly, do it for yourself. 

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