You Know You Miss Your Dog When…

The start of a new school year brings the excitement of seeing your friends, new classes, football games and parties. However, you also tend to find yourself missing things from home such as your family, home-cooked meals and your comfy bed. Most of all, if you’re a dog lover you will miss your dog! Here are just a few of the many signs of “pupper” withdrawal.

1. You constantly show your friends pictures of your dog


2. You ask about your dog every time you’re on the phone with your parents

3. You’ve FaceTimed your dog on multiple occasions

4. You find yourself following more dog accounts on social media

5. Seeing a dog on campus makes your day

6. Seeing other dogs also makes you miss your dog more

7. You’re seriously contemplating sneaking your dog into your dorm or apartment

8. When you do come home, it’s all snuggles!

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