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Winter Fashion: Footwear Essentials

The seasons are quickly changing and you’re looking at your closet thinking, “what the heck am I going to wear on my feet this winter?”. Your eyes glance at the flip-flops sitting on the shelf, then to the converse sitting next to them. Your mind immediately goes to frost bite. (Though I was informed that someone was wearing flip-flops the other day in 30 degree weather… let us give them a hand. I couldn’t handle that). Those are not going to do this winter. It is always good to prepare for the worst weather, because who knows what Mother Nature is going to throw at us this year?! After all, she seems to be a bit crazy lately. We’re just trying to get to class while staying as warm as possible, and looking cute wouldn’t hurt either. You need some essentials to spice up your closet, which is why I am here to guide you. Here are five different kinds of footwear that you need this winter to be sensible and stylish!


1. Tall Leather Boots

This is an easy one, and you probably already have these already from the fall! What an amazing boot to recycle into the later seasons. There are so many options that come with this fantastic staple. You can go with the equestrian look with the brown leather, or even an edgier look with tall black boots. Either way, you cannot go wrong. These boots will accent your lovely calves while keeping them warm. Pair them with a nice dark jean and a big cozy sweater and call it a day! You have a cute outfit and your feet will thank you later.


2. Duck Boots

I’m sure you have heard of this new sensation, but if you have not, here you go! Duck boots are the latest trend. Some people also refer to them as “Bean boots”, because they are made by L.L Bean. Too each it’s own, right? But to each girl, you need these. These are a great boot for the late fall and extremely useful in the winter when it starts to get all slushy out! They will keep your feet warm while being extremely stylish. For some extra warmth, these boots look great with a thick sock peeking out the top. These boots are SO comfortable, you will never want to take them off. 


3. Waterproof Boots

Living in a city like Pittsburgh causes one to be overwhelmed by the 70 degree, sunny weather one day and the 39 degree weather with heavy rain the next. To be prepared for mother nature to throw a curve ball at us, it is extremely wise to invest in a nice pair of rain boots. It currently seems we are in the rainy season, so what better buy than a nice pair of tall rain boots? These boots will keep your legs warm while protecting your new pair of jeans from the huge puddles it’s impossible not to encounter. Some people may think these boots won’t be warm enough in the water, but never fear; there are insertable boot socks that actually attach to the inside of the rain boot to keep your little toes warm! These socks, known as ‘wellies’ not only provide warmth, but they add a cozy look to your happening boots. 

4. Ankle Booties

The bootie seems like it will never go out of style, so why not invest in something that you will be able to wear for a very long time? The ankle bootie can be used for night’s on the town when you are afraid you might slip in your stilettos on the icy ground, or just for your walk to class. These boots rock a little heel to give you a little lift! All in all, you cannot go wrong with these booties because there are many varieties to choose from. My studded ankle booties get me many compliments!



5. Winter Snow Boots

These might seem pretty obvious, however some people neglect to have this kind of boot in their repertoire. Some people think they aren’t fashionable, or that nothing will match a bulky snow boot. However, this is not the case! Snow boots are absolutely, 100 percent essential, and can be worn with style. My favorites are the fur-lined boots, with waterproof characteristics to protect me from the tundra that awaits me outside in Pittsburgh 24/7. They definitely get the job done- I  never have to worry about getting frost bite when walking to and from class. 


There are definitely tons of brands out there to try. However, here are some of the brands I highly recommend: Sorel, LL Bean, Sperry Top-Sider, Frye, Steve Madden, Hunter and many more!

Happy shoe shopping!


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