A Whole Outfit From The Men’s Section

Though a lot of women’s clothes are now made to look like men’s, sometimes instead of buying the imitations it’s better to shop from the source: the mens section. As odd as this may sound, it’s really not; men’s stores tend to have better quality clothes for a less expensive price, if you’re willing to shop for the bargains. It is definitely possible to still look feminine in all men’s clothes, if you know how to style them.


Unfortunately, women’s sweaters are usually either see-through and useless against the cold, or they’re fitted and make you look matronly. Guy’s sweaters, however, have just the right amount of room to move and are usually thick and warm. The Banana Republic and J. Crew sale racks are my favorite place to get men’s sweaters for decent prices. Two easy ways to style men’s sweaters are by wearing a thick cardigan over a flannel, or wearing a crewneck sweater over a button down. Basically any sweater + a button down = can’t lose.


If you feel like spending the time to find the perfect pair of pants, you can take a note from the fashion blogger ManRepeller and get a pair of men’s straightleg jeans that hug your hips perfectly. Or you can go for the more universal (and definitely easier to fit into) type of pant called “joggers,” which can be dressed up or down accordingly but look great with cardigans.


Shoes may need to be bought in the women’s section if you have small feet. But, if you can fit into men’s shoes, definitely look into getting a pair of loafers or small sneakers by brands like New Balance. Men’s shoes tend to be more simple and sleek than women’s because we get stuck with all of the glitter and bows and things of that sort. It is always easier to make an outfit when you’re working with simple pieces.


Depending on what you’re wearing, you can always add a beanie or a baseball cap. Beanies are obviously better in the winter time. Menswear tends to look best with minimal face/eye makeup and a possible bold lip color. If you’re ever in doubt about how to style your look, Cara Delevingne rocks a lot of menswear, so check out her street style. If you’re not feeling the ‘all over’ men’s look, you can never go wrong with a killer pair of skinny jeans!


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