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What These 4 Shows Taught Us About Love

Whether you need a good laugh, an answer to your romantic struggles, or something to restore your faith in humanity, these five shows are the way to go. We all know how relationships, whether they be romantic and platonic, can test us. So it’s almost cathartic to watch our favorite TV show characters go through the same struggles as us. Granted, we probably don’t have to worry about seeing visions of our ex-fiancé like Izzy Stephens, but there’s something reassuring about seeing them push past their struggles and come out on the other side alive and kicking.

1. Grey’s Anatomy: That sometimes the greatest love can be found from your friends. 

Yeah, it would be pretty hard to write an article about love without including my favorite medical drama series. I mean, they did popularize the concept of having a “person.” Which is where I will lead into one of the greatest love stories of all: Meredith and Christina’s friendship. McDreamy is great and all, but Christina said it right when she told Meredith that, “He is not the sun. You are.” Despite their bickering, occasional fall-outs, and the fact that Christina lives in Switzerland now, their friendship still stands the test of time.  

So whether you need to someone to goof off with,


to hold you when you cry,


or to just dance it out with,

your person will always be there for you.

2. Parks and Recreation: That the right person will bring out the best in you.

Diane brings out Ron’s soft side, inspiring him to introduce his alias, Duke Silver, to all of Pawnee, Indiana. Ben and Leslie constantly motivate and support each other. At the end of the final season, we even see Ben giving up the chance to run for governor, as he knows how badly Leslie has always wanted this position. Andy made April smile, an impressive feat in itself.

So, whether you’re in a bad mood, or just can’t seem to catch a break, the right person will be there to help you bounce back.

3.  Jane the Virgin: The love shared by your family transcends time

For a while, Xo had a complicated love life and continually went back and forth with her feelings for Rogelio before they finally got married. Jane had her own relationship struggles, and even found herself in a love triangle between Rafael and Michael at one point. However, one thing that stayed consistent for both of them throughout the seasons was the love they shared for each other and for Alba.

Of course, Rogelio’s love for Jane can’t be underestimated either. Who can forget when he turned into panic mode and declared that he was going to tweet his “6.3 million followers with a hashtag #PLEASEFINDJANE” when she disappeared? That’s some fatherly love right there.  

4. Scrubs: That relationships aren’t always going to be easy, but the right ones will be worth fighting for.

I may or may not have a thing for medical dramas. Nonetheless, this image sums up the show pretty well. While there were certainly serious storylines written in it, like the time when Dr. Cox almost didn’t come back to the hospital due to his guilt over the death of several of his patients, there’s still a decent amount of humor thrown in too.

Carla and Turk’s storyline is a definite staple of the show as well. What made it stand out was not necessarily all of the romantic moments they shared, though they certainly had plenty of those, but rather the strength of their relationship despite being tested from time to time. When Turk first pops the question to Carla, she is unable to give him an answer, but soon realizes that she and Turk really are meant to be together. The two hit another rough patch, at one point causing Turk to lament to J.D. that relationships should be easy, not difficult. However, Dr. Kelso eventually put him in his place, telling him that, “Nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy.”

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