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What Mixed Drink are you Based on your Freshman Year Housing

Your freshman housing might have shaped you more than you thought.

Forbes Hall- Irish Coffee

If you lived in Forbes Hall your freshman year odds are you’re an engineer, and what engineer doesn’t love multitasking? An Irish coffee has the caffeine you need to get through the massive piles of work you have while also getting pleasantly plastered.

Tower A- Screwdriver

Making a screwdriver for yourself or a buddy or two is pretty easy when half the ingredients can be picked up in Market to Go. You learned to live in a tiny space where efficiency was key, so having orange juice around for a nice cup with breakfast or mixed with your vlad at night is just a smart habit.

Litchfield B- Hard Lemonade

Let’s be real, if you lived in Towers you learned the art of trying to make vlad (or if you’re a real high roller, Crowne Russe) tolerable. Another easy drink that just requires a trip to Market to Go, a hard lemonade can bring back sunny summer memories to help you get through a Pittsburgh winter stuck in your tower.

Litchfield C- Whiskey Sour

You tend to keep to yourself a little bit more, but there’s nothing wrong with preferring your own space. Plus, living with upperclassmen has given you a taste of the good life, causing you to mature faster than your other towers counterparts.

Lothrop Hall- Bloody Mary

Home to the freshmen nursing living learning community, Lothrop is where the nursing students bunker down to cry over their workload. Ideal for someone not afraid of gore, a Bloody Mary is also a nutrient-rich beverage perfect someone who spends all of their time focusing on people’s health.

Bruce Hall- Long Island Iced Tea

It’s no secret that business students go hard, and Long Island Iced Tea is practically just straight alcohol. Calling it “tea” has no one fooled, you’re here to play hard and work on your charm.

Holland Hall- Sangria

No surprise to hear that wine is a girl’s best friend, and sangria combines all the majesty of wine with even more alcohol! And fruit! It’s the perfect girls night drink, and you sure learned how to appreciate your gal pals while surrounded by all that estrogen your freshman year.

Nordenberg- Mint Julep

You were blessed at birth, marked by the gods for the classiest of all freshmen housing. The only drink that can match your class and overall snobbery is the classic Mint Julep. Reminiscent of horse races and country clubs, you’ll feel right at home while sipping on one of these.

Sutherland West- Gin and Tonic

Quite frankly you might be one of the only kids on campus who knew as a freshman what tonic water even was. You’ve probably been called an “honors kid” since birth and never miss an opportunity to introduce your friends to something they might not be as well versed on as you are.

Sutherland East- Vlad and Gatorade

Athletics are very important to you, and you’re not going to let a night of drinking disrupt your electrolyte balance. On the plus side, it might help you avoid a hangover the next morning.

House 8&9- Jungle Juice

Considering that you lived in a repurposed frat house your freshman year you have a special place in your heart for Jungle Juice. You like to live on the edge, and bro time is super important to you.


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