What Makes Older Men So Damn Attractive?

Ever since I can remember I always wanted to be older, as I’m sure everyone has felt at some point in their lives. In fifth grade I remember thinking how cool the sixth grade boys were when they would play wall ball at recess outside of my classroom window. In eighth grade I envied one of my peers who dated a sophomore in high school. I thought, wow, high school boys are sooo much cooler and more mature than my own guy friends. Looking up older boys on Facebook was sometimes a hobby of my friends and I. While I was actually in high school I found myself constantly thinking about what it would be like to know college boys. I was quite intrigued by the college lacrosse player that I worked with one summer. But, why does this happen? Why are so many girls overly infatuated with older boys?

1) For one, I think it is about maturity levels. It always seems as though girls are years away from guys even when they are the exact same age. With maturity also comes better communication skills. Older men know their wants and needs. They are mature enough to express these needs through communication with a woman. They have this aspect of maturity that young men just can’t seem to grasp until they are much older. What is so hard about taking a woman to dinner, making eye contact with her and telling her how you feel? Some younger men think this is too feminine, that guys aren’t really supposed to express their emotions this way. So what way are they supposed to show emotion? On a random Friday night when they are drunk? In their minds, the latter of the situations calls their name. However, in the minds of women and older men, the first situation seems the most desirable. Coming full circle, it is this level of maturity that makes older men THAT much more attractive and will also have women flocking to their sides.

2) Experience is another key factor. Women feel that older men have been through a lot more than they have, whether it be sexually, educationally or with life in general. They have a past, they have culminated different experiences that they can share with the woman. This is very appealing. A woman wants a man who will not only take care of her, which is a role that these older men can fulfill, but to also teach her things. Men that are the same age as women don’t have this advantage.

3) Older men pose a challenge and a risk factor for women. Will their parents approve? Will their friends look at them differently if they are exclusive with someone who is much older? How old is too old? All of these questions glide through the minds of young women who are involved with these older men. It is the risk factor that I believe truly lures them in. If this union is not approved by friends or family that is when secrecy comes into play, which connects with the risk factor. This could either hurt or help the relationship between the two people. On one hand, everything is so exciting and new, and yes you can get that with two people who are the same age, but the dynamic will ultimately be different. And, you must do it in secret. So, finding places to meet may be difficult. However, if the backseat of the car becomes the only option, might as well seize the opportunity.

From my own experience, older men pose all of these risks, challenges, and future experiences. Some of my friends say that older men have more to offer.  Sometimes the situations are not the most ideal and there could be geographical distance between the two people, depending how much the age difference actually is. But, it is almost human nature, or I should say, a woman’s nature, to want older men. Even if these older men aren’t the most attractive person they have ever looked at, the fact that they have more years added onto their belt than some other guys makes them all that more attractive. So, if you're that high school girl wanting the college boy or the college girl wanting the man with a degree and a job, go for it. 


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