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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.

With the days getting warmer, the sun going down later, and thoughts of spring break arising, students everywhere are rediscovering their love for their major. Often in the groggy winter months, we neglect our classes and forget why we are taking them in the first place. Here at the University of Pittsburgh, students know that one day it can be a warm and sunny sixty degrees, and a few days later we could have our classes canceled due to dangerous winter weather. With motivation and preparedness coursing through our veins, here is what some of our members are studying during their time on campus!

Lauren – Chapter President

Major: DOUBLE MAJOR ALERT! English Lit and Media & Professional Communications (Corporate and Community Relations)

Reason: I’ve genuinely loved reading my whole life, and that passion transferred into a major and hopefully a career in publishing!

Minor: Film and Media Studies, Certificate – Writing for the Professions

Alison – Chapter Editor

Major: Communication Science and Disorders

Reason: My end goal was always to do something that would help people in some way, so I was aiming for something in healthcare that wasn’t medical school. With the CSD major I have the options of going to graduate school for audiology or speech-language pathology. I hope to work in a hospital setting with patients who’ve suffered brain injuries or other accidents and help them rehabilitate their communication/swallowing skills.

Minor: English Literature minor, American Sign Language Certificate (I love this department everyone go take ASL 1)

Grace – Chapter Editor

Major: Media and Professional Communications with a concentration in writing for the professions

Reason: I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I see myself going into the PR field in the future. The major allows me to develop my professional writing style while also being creative in classes like PR advertising, which, for me, is the best of both worlds.

Minor: History

Kaitlyn – Chapter Business Manager

Major: English Lit

Reason: At some point, I just decided to be an English teacher, and I couldn’t see myself doing any other job. I decided to study English instead of Secondary Ed because I wanted to get more experience and a wider breadth of knowledge for the subject area I’m going to be teaching, instead of only focusing on the education aspect.

Minor: I’m studying Mandarin Chinese and Spanish, but minor vs double major vs certificate is all pretty up in the air right now. I’m currently applying for a foreign language and area studies fellowship, and if I get that, I might be doing a Global Studies certificate or an Asian Studies certificate. Otherwise, I think I’ll probably major in Chinese and minor in Spanish.

Amy – Writer

Major: Communication Science and Disorders

Reason: I am interested in becoming a speech-language pathologist and helping people with language disorders!

Minor: Linguistics

Emma – Writer

Major: Anthropology

Reason: I was always interested in that when I was younger and I thought it was nice that I could learn a little bit about almost every subject at once.

Minor: Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

Surabi – Writer

Major: Biology

Reason: I want to go into medicine eventually and I just really like science (I think it’s neat idk).


Kendall- Writer

Major: Environmental Science B.S. and History B.A. (dual degree)

Reason: Growing up, my mom was always really environmentally conscious. She instilled in me the importance of doing whatever you can to help the environment, so when it came time to choose a major, it just made sense. AP Environmental Science and Biology were also my favorite classes in high school, so I plan on doing an E.S. degree with a focus on biology. I also chose History because historical analysis and why things are the way they are has always been something that interested me. History also allows me to practice my writing, which I love because I would love to incorporate writing into my job somehow. To connect my two majors, I’m doing a focus on environmental history, and hope to work somewhere like a National Park that bridges my love for the natural world and history. Another perk about getting a B.S. and a B.A. is that employers can see you’re well-rounded, and if you do a writing-heavy major they know you’re a capable writer.

Kat – Writer

Major: Secondary Education with a focus on English

Reason: I have always wanted to be a teacher, and after I watched Dead Poets Society (for the first of many times) I was set!

Minor: English Literature

Whether you chose your major based on values that have been instilled in you throughout childhood, or because you want to be like your favorite movie character, our chapter of HerCampus has someone you can relate to!

Kat is a first-year student at the University of Pittsburgh. This is her first year writing for Her Campus, and she is primarily interested in writing about psychology, history, relationships, music, movies, and her own experiences as a freshman in college. She is majoring in secondary education with a focus in English. Her goal for the year is to be a published author on at least three different platforms.