We All Walk Together (on Forbes): A Profile of Will Miller

Name: Will Miller

Major: Undeclared, prepared to declare psychology.

Her Campus: What made you want to be a psychology major?

Will Miller: It’s very interesting to me, and I do very well in it. I can put a lot of time into it and it is still interesting to me.

HC: What do you want to do in the future?

WM: I have two ideas. I want to become an endocrinologist (they can provide hormones) so I can help and be there for people who want to transition. I can also show parents I am an example of someone who was able to transition and still be successful. My second career path is psychology so I could help trans people get to where they want to be. I can also help family get to a point of understanding with transitions in their family. I want to make sure I can help people in the community. With a good support system, you can worry more about wants than needs and focus on what you want for the future.

HC: What is the most life-changing thing that has ever happened to you?

WM: My gender transitioning.

HC: How long ago did you start your gender transition?

WM: About five years ago; it was my junior year of high school.

HC: How would you describe how your parents originally felt?

WM: My parents were confused and hurt. [My mom] was hoping I would be all girly, and she was disappointed to not have that anymore. It was like the loss of a daughter and she had to come to terms with it. My dad was confused why I couldn’t just dress like a girl.

HC: What advice would you give to someone who needed to come out with their parents?

WM: It depends on the parents. If you don’t have accepting parents, hold off on telling them until you can successfully support yourself. I had very supportive parents, and they were always there for me from day one, but if you don’t have supportive parents, I would say don’t come out until you can support yourself in the future in case they are not as understanding as you would hope. But if you have supportive parents and are having a hard time finding the words, I have heard a lot of people say they would write a letter and then talk about it.

HC: How would you describe the feeling before transitioning?

WM: I almost think of when your foot falls asleep, you know, you got that little marching ant tingling feeling. I would almost think that, but to an emotional level, to all over or wherever bothers you, may it be your chest or your lack of hips or something. There is just this gnawing at your self – bit by bit – and especially when you notice it, you want to pull at your skin and want it to all go away and stuff.

HC: What are your hobbies?

WM: I enjoy photography, playing videogames, playing music, spending time with my girlfriend, playing with my three cats and looking at dank memes. If I had more money, I would like to cook with fresh ingredients.

HC: What’s your favorite food?

WM: Lulu’s Noodles, Asian food, seafood, and any form of soup.

HC: What is your favorite color?

WM: Blue.

HC: What’s your favorite animal?

WM: Cats are so great, but I love dogs, too. My girlfriend and I have a stray cat at our house that we feed and take care of. I also have three cats at home, but I don’t get to see them because of school.

HC: What’s your favorite season?

WM: My favorite season is winter because I don’t have allergies in this season and get to spend most of the time with my family.

HC: What’s your favorite subject?

WM: Psychology!

HC: Any closing thoughts?

WM: Being transgender is a quality just like liking the color blue, it’s not the only thing about me, it’s a part of me.


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