Vote Alex Kanner for Homecoming King!

Meet Alex Kanner, one of Pitt’s fine gentleman running for homecoming king! With the ballots set for tomorrow and Friday, we know what candidate we’ll be voting for. He even offered to take the lovely ladies of HC Pitt out to coffee...  *swoon* Read on to learn more about Alex and why he decided to run. Make sure to check out Alex's Facebook event for his hilarious promo video!

Name: Alex Kanner

Major: Finance

Year: Senior

Hometown: Newtown, PA

HC: What are you involved in on campus?

Alex: I am a co-founder and Director of Education for Tamid Beta at Pitt, proud member and former Vice President of Finance for Phi Beta Lambda professional business organization, and VP of Education for Panthers for Israel. I am also very active in Hillel.

HC: What made you decide to run for Homecoming King?

Alex: Homecoming, to me, is a celebration of all that Pitt has to offer. I love this school and have been fortunate enough to be involved in the Emerging Leaders program, club sports teams (quidditch and swimming), the OCC, an International Internship Program, and of course, the groups listed above. I look at my homecoming campaign as a culmination of my involvement, a way to represent what Pitt can do for everyone, and a fun way to meet new people!

HC: Why did you choose Pitt in the first place?

Alex: Funny story; I actually chose Boston University at first. A couple days after deciding, I woke up in the middle of the night hysterically crying because I realized Pitt is where I want to be. Since I already sent in my deposit, I was devastated. Anyway, the next day I rescinded my acceptance to BU, enrolled at Pitt, and made the best decision of my life.   

HC: Is there anything in particular you hope to achieve before you graduate?

Alex: I helped co-found Tamid Beta at Pitt and this is our first semester on campus. My goal is to shake the “Beta” from our name and be the next full chapter of Tamid before I graduate in May. With our fantastic board and outstanding new members, we can make it happen.

HC: What is your favorite memory from Pitt? Favorite thing to do at Pitt?

Alex: My favorite memory has to be sleeping over at the Pete before the basketball game against Syracuse during my freshman year. I’m always pumped before going into the Oakland Zoo, but the atmosphere was different for that game. My favorite thing to do at Pitt is explore the city. By explore, I mean try as many different restaurants and types of food as possible. 

HC: Anything fun on your Pitt bucket list you’ve been waiting to cross off?

Alex: It’s either going to the top floor of Cathy or swimming in the Frick Fine Arts fountain. Hopefully at least one of those gets checked off before May. 

HC: What are your plans or hopes for post graduation? (Ah, yes, the dreaded question I know!)

Alex: Great, you just had to ask! I’m currently weighing offers, but I plan on working in finance or operations at a Fortune 500 company.

Remember to vote for this loyal Panther fan for Homecoming King at the ballots Thursday and Friday!


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