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Valentine’s Day Gifts for All Relationships!

Chocolates coated in pink sprinkles, overstuffed teddy bears, pillows saying “I Love You” 80 different times; every one of your local stores is just chockfull of lovey-dovey gifts for that sweetie of yours to give to on Valentine’s Day. It can be difficult to translate the way you feel about each other into a gift that holds some kind of meaning to the two of you. What I’ve come to realize is that Valentine’s Day is really just about reminding others that you care about them – and that doesn’t just mean your serious boyfriend that you’ve been with for 4 years. Here’s a guide to giving gifts to those people you truly care about, admire, and just love to be around.

Cutie down the hall:

You smile at each other in passing, maybe exchange a simple conversation here and there, and you’re totally drooling over him. If one hottie popped into your head while reading this, congratulations, you’ve found your valentine! Thing is, you hardly know him! That’s what’s so great about this holiday: you can confess your undeniable secret love for this guy without being a total creeper. Leave a can of Crush outside his door with a little note on it (possibly with your number if you’re feeling bold!); he’ll quench his thirst while smiling because he’s got a cutie crushing on him. Another subtle way to let him know you’re thinking of him would be a box of Sweethearts, or even just a message on his white board!

Together forever…or three months:

When you first start dating, you two are most likely attached at the hip. It’s great that you guys are happy! Just don’t be blinded by the fact that you’re still very much getting to know each other, and that means not going overboard with the “together forever” deal. You should still be pretty casual while making the day one to remember. Pick out a hat with his favorite football team logo, a tin of Hershey kisses, a new shirt or mug of your awesome school, a movie for you to watch together along with his favorite candy, or just something to make him laugh, like a Keep Calm and Gangnam Style tee!

Close by and close to the heart:

If you’re one of the lucky ones who goes to school with your other half, you two get the chance to spend this holiday out on the town exploring different places to go out and eat, or to just enjoy each other’s company. So take the chance to spend time with each other in a way you don’t always have time for. Surprise him with tasty homemade heart shaped cookies (or even cook together), tickets to a hockey game for the two of you, a dinner reservation, a trip downtown for some ice skating and some hot cocoa afterwards, a concert or play, or even a nice framed photograph or scrapbook for him to open over a coffee date.

Long distance relationship:

Most likely, when Valentine’s Day rolls around, the two of you may not get the chance to see each other in person, which can be hard when this season is full of couples everywhere being super cute together (trust me, I’m in the same situation!). What I’ve found is that it’s best to discuss together in advance what the plan will be for V-Day this year. If you’re planning to visit each other at school soon, maybe postpone the holiday so you can have a mock Valentine’s Day made special for just the two of you! If not, talk about whether or not you two want to take the time to send each other gifts.

Sending gifts through online stores directly to him at school works like a charm. If you’re feeling creative, I’d check out www.skinit.com and customize an awesome and unexpected phone or laptop skin, covered in photos of the two of you, his favorite sports teams, or whatever else you can come up with. This website is great for a unique gift sent right to his door, and isn’t hard on your wallet either! You could also send him his favorite sports team jersey or a gift basket filled with candies or cookies. And as always, a simple hand-written letter, along with a phone call, will surely let him know how much you appreciate him.

Your Best Friend:

Typically we have moved away from our BFF we’ve known our entire lives once we’ve settled into college. Or, some of you lucky ones got to go away to college together! Either way, I always thought it was fun to just call up a BFF or hang out with them on V-Day to let them know that even if you do have a man in your life, they’re still important to you in every way. If you guys live far apart, plan a Skype date while laughing over the same episode of How I Met Your Mother and just enjoy each other’s company. For your college besties, sending one of those candy-grams being sold all over campus are sure to give them a smile, or maybe just drop them an “I <3 You Babe ;)” note on their door, in a speech bubble from their favorite celeb to make them crack up all day. You and your best friend have a special bond that should be celebrated, in a goofy and inexpensive way!

Always remember that Valentine’s Day is about appreciating those who love you and will do anything to make you smile! Make it a day full of happiness and spending quality time together. You and that special someone you love share something worthwhile; embrace it!


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