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Top Five Favorite College-Themed Movies

Your classes are over for the day and all you want to do is crawl into bed and watch some Netflix. But, as you search Netflix for something new to watch, realizing you just finished the last episode of American Horror Story (mainly because you just marathoned all three seasons in two days. But lets be real, you couldn’t stop watching how beautiful Evan Peters is and you couldn’t just stop in the middle of the season, you needed to know what happens to the Harmons! )—now you’re horrified and have nothing to watch. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but still, you need something to watch. Here are five of my personal favorite movies that have to do with college.

5. Accepted

Accepted is a movie about a kid who doesn’t get into college (everyone’s worst nightmare). Because his parents are expecting him to do well, he makes up a college, even letting some of his friends with dashed college dreams join the charade as well. His parents become suspicious, so he pulls out all the stops, making a fake web site, campus, and dean. Things only go downhill from there, but the story is a touching comedy.

4. House Bunny

House Bunny deals more with the idea of sororities, rather than the main focus of college. Once Shelley turns 27, she is deemed too old for the Playboy mansion and is thrown out. She needs a place to live, so she takes the position of house mother for a sorority that is on the brink of losing their house. She helps the girls grow throughout the movie as they try to save their house, and honestly, Anna Faris is hilarious in this movie.

3. Legally Blonde

This follows the story of Elle Woods as she tries to get back her relationship with Warner. The best part about this movie is how hard Elle works to get into Harvard and that she ends up realizing she can be great all on her own (girl power!). It doesn’t hurt that this movie is also hilarious and has some serious man candy in it.

2. Monsters University

Monsters University is a prequel to Monsters Inc., and shows us a look at Mike and Sully before they were best friends. One of my favorite parts of the movie (besides the different frats and sororities competing) is when Mike arrives at college and, none other than Randall is his roommate—and the two seem friendly! It’s a great family movie and I totally made the excuse of taking my niece so I wouldn’t seem too out of place seeing it in theaters.

1. Sydney White

And lastly, my favorite movie forever. It’s a classic Amanda Bynes movie, and it’s a modern day Snow White in a college setting. Who doesn’t love Disney and college together? I remember watching this movie as a kid and wondering if college would be like this. Now I’m here and totally waiting for my prince to come serenade me at the Hillman Library while I’m working in a cubicle. 

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Madison is a Sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh and is majoring in Psychology. She enjoys drawing, music, pugs, and fro-yo.
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