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Top 10 Etsy Treasures to Gift this Holiday Season

Year after year, it can feel like an increasingly daunting task to find suitable holiday gifts for all of your family and friends. After all, there’s only so many times you can give your dad a coffee mug, or your mom a generic candle, before the whole point of gift-giving feels as though it has been lost. You want the gifts you give to be both unique and useful—so why not head on over to Etsy, an e-commerce website where you can browse the wares of literally millions of artisan sellers? On Etsy, you can find the perfect gift to suit almost anyone’s hobbies or interests, and you can support a small business at the same time! It’s a win-win. With that in mind, here are 10 Etsy treasures I have found, at a wide range of price points, which would make perfect gifts this holiday season.

DIY Watercolor Kit for Beginners from Wildflower Art Studio

This beginner’s watercolor kit is perfect for a friend who is looking to get into painting, but doesn’t know where to start. Plus, it makes a great indoor activity on frigid winter nights. Along with eight paint colors and all of the accoutrements needed for mixing and painting with watercolors, it comes with step-by-step instructions for five different watercolor projects.

Personalized Leather Wallet from StayFinePersonalized

Do you know someone who’s been using their wallet for so long, it looks like it could literally fall apart at the seams at any given moment? Get them this wallet crafted from gorgeous Argentinian leather, which is also personalizable via engraving on the front or inside pocket (or both!). I gifted this wallet to my boyfriend last Christmas, and he loved it. His initials engraved on the front, and a photo of us tucked into the clear inner pocket, made for a gift that was both thoughtful and functional.

National Park Poster from KnapsackTraveler

For the outdoorspeople and adventurers you know, one of KnapsackTraveler’s National Park posters will make for a stylish homage to their travels. The link I’ve provided will take you to their Grand Canyon National Park poster, but a click onto their page will take you to listings for almost all of the major parks, as well as a few unexpected offerings for lesser-known destinations! The art on the posters is minimalistic and brightly colored, and should match almost any decor. I definitely plan on snatching up one of their National Park Checklist posters for myself.

Advent Calendar Christmas Candle from normadorothy

Okay, so I know I bagged on candles as gifts earlier, but this Advent Calendar Christmas Candle is an exception. Festively scented with orange and cinnamon, this candle will get the giftee excited for next December already. It features a little calendar on its label so that you can cross off the days as Christmas approaches, and is even personalizable with the receiver’s name(s) and the year. (Please note that the candle pictured is not the advent calendar candle, but is similar in appearance.)

You & Me Puzzle Piece Laser Cut Wood Christmas Ornament from Hereafter LA

If you’re planning on moving in with your significant other, or already live with them, this ornament is a sweet gift with which you can trim your tree. Handmade from wood, and hanging from cotton ribbon, it adds a grounded touch to the red-and-green glitz of typical Christmas decorations. If you wish, you can add a personalized message to the back.

Engraved Rolling Pin from MoodForWood

While a rolling pin may not sound too exciting to those who avoid the kitchen like a plague, this adorable one would make a great gift for a friend or family member who loves to bake. It’s engraved with an herbal design that will transfer to any dough it’s being used to roll—perfect for cookies!

Custom Home Portrait from JennDitterichDesigns

Though a bit on the pricier side, a custom home portrait from JennDitterich Designs would make a sweetly sentimental gift for parents, grandparents or a newly married couple. Just send a photo of the house you want painted into the shop, and you’ll get back a true-to-life rendering in watercolor with a custom name and date printed at the bottom. A wide range of available sizes for the painting, with the smallest starting at $49.99, ensures that you can stick to your budget.

Tan France x Etsy Coffee Gift Set from ChimneyFireCoffee

Coffee enthusiasts and fans of Queer Eye will love this set of three globally inspired roasts from the Tan France x Etsy collection. “Brazil,” “Ethiopia” and “El Salvador” each provide a unique flavor experience, plus everything is ethically sourced from farms you can read about in the product description. We like to see it ?

Customized Dog Bowl from TheLuluBird

For the person who’s obsessed with their new dog, but also wants their pet supplies to be ~aesthetic~, there’s this ceramic dog bowl glazed in a tasteful white with brown specks. It’s available in two sizes, so it’s ideal for all dogs big and small, and will arrive with the giftee’s new best friend’s name printed on the front.

City Map Blanket from HeyMountains

A city map blanket from HeyMountains is the perfect gift for any urban dweller who’s got love for their city. My link will take you to the Philadelphia blanket, but almost any major U.S. city can be found amid the rest of their listings (though not Pittsburgh, sadly), as well as any of the 50 states. Cozy and cute, its neutral colors will blend in with the surroundings of any home, while its unique map design will stand out.

Be sure to check out Etsy’s Gift Guides for even more ideas that are categorized by gender, age and price point!

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