Tips for Dressing Between Seasons

We’ve all been there, it’s 9 a.m. and your iPhone weather is telling you that it’s 45 degrees out. If you’re smart, you grab a warm jacket, some comfortable jeans or leggings, a pair of boots, and head out the door to class. Then the afternoon kicks in, and suddenly it’s 65 degrees out and you’re sweating. Most of the time, it isn’t always possible to head back to your room and change your entire outfit, and, of course, who would want to do the extra laundry anyway? So, in an effort to help you prepare for whatever weather gets thrown at you, here are some great tips for dressing in between seasons.

Layer, Layer, LAYER

The key to dressing for Mother Nature’s menopausal weather is always layering. A fall jacket is a good choice, the thinner the better, so it's easier to carry later, and a scarf can always be added to keep you extra warm, and stored away later. Wear a short sleeved shirt, even if it’s frigid, and put a sweater over it, that way you’re not too hot later. A cute pair of leggings or jeans is always a good pick.

Make Sure to Pick a Versatile Pair of Shoes.

A cute pair of sneakers will keep your feet warm enough in the morning but cool enough for the afternoon. Personally, I always prefer my Adidas Superstars for any kind of weather. Toms or Keds may also work as long as it’s not too cold in the morning and they will keep your feet cool later. Always avoid boots (leather or Uggs) or any other super warm shoes. It may feel great when it’s freezing before your 8 a.m. class, but you’ll be sweating later. Leg warmers are always good to put on in the morning to keep you warm, and they are small enough to store in your backpack in the afternoon.

A Cardigan is Your Best Friend.

A long, warm, soft cardigan is the perfect piece to make you look like you put in some effort, while still feeling like you’re in pajamas. They’re obviously not as warm as wearing a jacket, but if you just need something for the occasional frosty morning, it’s enough to keep you from freezing while going in between classes. Pair it with a short-sleeved shirt so you can take it off in the afternoon and keep nice and cool.

Good Pairings Are Key.

A skirt is always in style and perfect for when it’s warm out, but consider pairing it with a pair of leggings or stockings (I know, who wears those anymore?) for the chilly morning. If it becomes too hot in the afternoon, you can always opt for just the skirt and store anything underneath in your backpack. You can also put a cute sweater over a short sleeved shirt and simply take off the sweater later. Be creative with combinations that are both cute and versatile.

You Can Never Go Wrong with a Scarf.

A good scarf is always in season, especially during those chilly, wintry mornings. Go for a light scarf that can keep your neck warm but won’t be too heavy for a warmer afternoon. Try to avoid a heavy material such as wool. It may be great for the morning, but it’s very annoying to carry around later in the day. Any light linen scarf or something similar, even if it’s meant more for the spring or summer, can be enough to keep the chill off your neck in the morning while still not making you too hot in the afternoon.



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