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Sunny and seventy at noon, raining at two, and a blizzard by eight.



Texts from your ex




The bus schedule


 Pittsburgh sports teams


My winged eyeliner


 Oakland Landlords


 Ice cream machine in market


Pothole repair (or lack thereof)


 Sticking with a New Year’s Resolution


 The line at Dunkin


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Katherine Lewis is a Virginia native at the University of Pittsburgh. She is studying Media and Professional Communications with a concentration in Digital Media. In her free time, she likes to consume iced coffee by the gallon and explore the city.
Elaine is a food loving, FRIENDS watching, Oxford comma enthusiast who has a passion for writing. She is a Business Information Systems and Human Resources Management double major and shares a love for people, languages, and technology. When she isn't experimenting in the kitchen or posting on @AndAChocolateDrizzle, she is either reading, laughing, or venturing through the city on the hunt for the best slice of pizza. 
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Pitt '21

Corrine is majoring in Neuroscience, minoring in Chemistry and French, and pursuing a Sustainability Certificate.
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