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Next time you see a friend or someone in public, take a look at their phone case. Most likely, it is going to be a Wildflower case with a super trendy design. From Y2K, to camouflage, to collaborations with popular celebrities, these cases are advertised with unique outfits and seen everywhere! Devon and Sydney Carlson are the co-founders of the brand. Their mother, Michelle Carlson, started making cases as a passion project, but soon transformed into a business once Miley Cyrus noticed the phone cases on the girls. She posted them on Twitter, tagging Devon and raving about the stylish cases. Quickly, the post went viral and the three immediately made Wildflower Cases official. 

Their cases create and follow current trends while doing collaborations with popular celebrities. A white case with pops of colorful symbols is seen on their website paired with a white tiny top along with a skirt resembling the same colors on the case. It’s genius that the girls market their business by matching outfits with the phone designs. I have seen colorful skirts where I feel intimidated and lost about how to style them. But the cases act as a guide! This skirt or a skirt with a similar design could be easily thrifted or found anywhere. I love this about them because it increases inclusivity. This is just one example, a lot of the clothing posted on their Instagram or website could be thrifted. You don’t necessarily need money to have good style!

Along with their awesome case designs, Devon and Sydney are fashion icons; the girls know what they are doing! If you are into fashion and trends, like me, I recommend looking at them for inspiration. Not only are the two sisters influenced by trends, but they are also seen adding twists and creating new fashion ideas. Currently, I am obsessed with the old 2000s look of styling jeans with high heels. Devon, as seen on her Instagram recently, poses in a mirror wearing this outfit. This used to be a trendy look in the early 2000s, but suddenly I have been seeing it everywhere ever since. Sydney is seen posing with big jackets over a tiny top, which is trendy today. To add a little kick, she pairs it with a bright-colored bag and huge sunglasses. Regarding accessories: bedazzled hats, phone cases or shoes are pretty popular today and both girls are seen incorporating this into their style. 

Yes, other influencers and celebrities may be wearing trendy fashion too, but it’s the way Devon and Sydney pull everything together. Dresses with belts, cowboy boots, tiny or huge bags and more keep me inspired and hooked on their creativity. If you love seeing people experiment with fashion and make “trendy looks” appear more interesting, take a peek at Devon and Sydney Carlson!

Ava Smith

Pitt '27

Ava Smith is a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh and a first year member of the University's chapter of Her Campus. She enjoys writing about a variety of topics ranging from relevant popular culture news, film/TV media reviews, and skincare. She is planning on majoring in Psychology with a minor in Law, Criminal Justice, and Society. Post-college, Ava intends to pursue a career in fashion/beauty marketing or something with forensic psychology. She loves thrifting, hanging out with her friends/family, and binge watching shows. Some of her favorites are Daisy Jones & The Six, Gossip Girl, and Pretty Little Liars.