A Thank You to the Crows of South O

Dear Crows of South O,

I want to enthusiastically thank all of you for making my college experience one of a kind. While some college campuses are plagued with geese or ducks or other critters, we here at Pitt are fortunate enough to host you during your winter roost. I don’t really remember when you arrived, and I can’t remember what it was like before you got here. You’ve really changed my whole outlook on life.


I’m pretty proud of myself this semester— I haven’t slept through a single class yet, not even my 8 AM. My alarm clock makes it pretty easy to hit snooze, but you guys don’t care what time it is. When it’s time for your flock to start its day, the noise outside my bedroom window is almost deafening. Thank you so much for making sure that I don’t sleep in. After all, waking up at 5 AM every morning has its perks.


More than that, you guys have really inspired a whole new level of responsibility on my end. I never forget my umbrella at home now, so I’m always prepared in case of a shower: no matter whether it’s rain or, well, bird poop. Another totally great thing about you is that you leave your feathers EVERYWHERE. As someone who is allergic to feathers, you remind me every day to take my allergy medicine. Thank you guys, seriously, so much.

It has been a pretty mild winter so far, so campus has really been lacking in snow. Thankfully, we have you guys to decorate a little. And the stench? Well, let’s just say I walk to class just a little bit faster now.


All-in-all, we have so much to thank you, the crows of South Oakland, for. As far as neighbors go, you’re not too shabby.



Your new neighbors


Photo Credits: 1, 2