Signs You’re a Southerner at a Northern School

Growing up in the South and going to school above the Mason-Dixon line can induce some major culture shock. New food, new people, new climate – everything is different! Here are some signs that you are a Southerner going to a Northern school:

1. People aren’t as nice.

2. People talk and walk faster.

3. Drivers are actually…nice? And not aggressive?


4. Where is Raising Cane’s? Whataburger??

5. You can’t find good sweet tea ANYWHERE.

6. It’s so nice not seeing Confederate flags on houses, the backs of trucks and phone cases.

7. You have MAJOR football withdrawal.

8. You can finally see everyone because no one wears camouflage.

9. There is white stuff falling out of the sky. Why isn’t school closed??


10. You miss the Southern accents.

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