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Rom-Com Girl Recommendations: 10 of the Best (and most underrated) Rom-Coms

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.

I am a rom-com girl to my core; I grew up watching a steady stream of them with my mom and have been hooked ever since. However, I feel like in the conversations around rom-coms many of the same films get recommended over and over, so I wanted to highlight some of my underrated faves. Here are 10 of my favorite underrated rom-coms to watch this Valentine’s Day (or any other day really). 

About Time

My life is split into two parts, before I watched About Time and after–and if you think I’m joking, I’m not. I think about this movie once a week at minimum. This is one of the most emotionally moving and impactful movies I’ve ever watched–it features not only a beautiful romantic love story but also an incredibly familial love story. I can’t even begin to fully explain how much this movie means to me, I can only keep recommending it to more and more people. 

Love, Rosie

This movie will make you feel like your heart stopped. A will they/won’t story between best friends Rosie and Alex, this is a perfectly executed (and stressful) film about missed chances and the potential to start again. And it stars Sam Claflin and Lily Collins, what more could you ask for?

Life as We Know It

A little enemies to lovers’ moment, this movie is about Holly and Messer, two arch nemeses who are given joint custody of their friend’s young daughter after they unexpectedly pass away. Not only is this movie full of incredible chemistry, but it’s also an in-depth look and grief and the ways in which it affects people differently, and how far people would go for the people they love. I adore this movie and always end up crying by the time I get to the end of it, I just think it’s wonderful. 

Emma (2020)

This movie, which is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel of the same name, perfectly matches the bite, humor and romance that flows throughout the book. Even if you’re not a big Jane Austen fan, this movie is guaranteed to make you laugh and sweep you off your feet. It’s gorgeously shot, incredibly well cast, and just simply magnificent. 

Palm Springs

This is one of my go-to pick-me-up movies. A time-loop comedy starring Andy Samberg and Cristion Milioti, this movie is full of fun, impeccable chemistry and some downright outrageous moments. 

The Half of It

Oh, how I love this movie. Basically, this movie is about Ellie, Paul and Astrid. Paul hires Ellie to help him write love notes to Astrid, not knowing that Ellie is also in love with her. This movie is incredible on every relationship front–the relationship between every character is so gentle and so meaningful and just amazing. This movie is more quietly funny than outright hilarious, but I cannot recommend it enough. 

Set It Up

I adore this movie, starring Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch at the height of their charm it’s simply impeccable. This movie is hilarious, packed with incredible chemistry and just such a joy to watch. 

Rye Lane

This is the only movie on this list that I haven’t seen yet, BUT I’ve heard such good things (including that it’s a new all-time great rom-com) that I felt like it still needed a spot here. 

Stuck in Love

Logan Lerman romantic lead! Enough said.

Plus One

This movie, starring two of the most charming actors to ever exist, Maya Erskine and Jack Quaid, follows two single friends as they agree to be each other’s plus-ones for a long list of weddings they’ve been invited to. With friends to lovers and (sort of) fake dating, this is an absolute rom-com triumph.

Okay, that’s it, happy viewing!

Lauren Deaton is a second-year student at the University of Pittsburgh, she is currently serving both as Chapter Chair and Writer. She most frequently writes about entertainment topics– including music recommendations, topics of representation, and anticipated movie lists. Lauren is double majoring in English Literature and Media and Professional Communications with a focus on Public and Professional Writing. She is also pursuing a Film and Media Studies minor and is a member of the Honors College. She recently completed a communications internship with the Fletcher Free Library and will be beginning a research position with the Language and Literacy Division at Pitt during the Fall 2023 semester. In the future, she hopes to work in publishing helping to increase access to representation. She is also a writer for Studio 412 a creative outlet on Pitt’s campus and is a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority. Lauren loves her dog, her friends, her family, and everything reading, coming of age and cold brew related.