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Richie Liberatore, Easily Confused for Edward Cullen: Class of 2012

Richie Liberatore is not your average Pitt student. He’s not the normal 22-year old guy either. He’s an old soul, meaning that he’s much more mature than what I have come to expect from the guys around campus. (Maybe he’s like Edward Cullen in more than just looks and is actually hundreds of years old… that would explain it). However, don’t let that fool you into thinking he’s a no-fun, super serious drab of a guy. His usual gentlemanly, slightly conservative ways make him all the more funny when he busts out with a random, outrageous statement. During our interview, I noticed this happened pretty often. 
If he doesn’t match your dream guy,

  • Edward Cullen-esque
  • Mysterious
  • Mature
  • Hilarious
  • Thoughtful
  • Neuroscience Major AKA Pre-Med
  • Oh yeah, did I mention he plays the guitar and sings?…
  • AND, yes, my friends…. SINGLE

I fear you may be doomed, my ladies.
 So,sit back and relax and read more about Richie Liberatore. However, consider yourself warned. You may either fall in love or puke at the charm and sincere old-school ideals this Pitt boy holds close.
I sat down with Richie, after forcing him into a photoshoot Hipstamatic style (iphone app lovers out there!) and got to know this Pittsburgh guy a little better. 

1) The question you’re all dying to know: Does he get told he looks like Edward Cullen or Robert Pattinson all the time?
Richie: “Yes. Especially when my hair longer. “

(He’s thinking about growing it out and finally being himi for Halloween this year).
He’s been hit on or gawked at by everyone from M.I.L.F.’s to little boy’s walking out of the Oakland General Supply store. An older guy even walked out of the liquor store on Atwood, only seeing him from afar, and yelled something in reference to Twilight at him. Tough life….

2) I told him to describe himself but didn’t limit him to the usual 3 words. “Say as many words as you want,” I said.
Richie: “Ok..,” he said nervously laughing. “I’m a complex individual. This is hard. I’m gonna sound corny,” he said looking at me like it’s my job to make him not. For some crazy reason, I’m just really not too concerned about him in the ladies department. “Ok,” he continued. “Family man. Hard working. Spiritual. I love to have fun though too. I love my friends and meeting new people.”

3) Anything else do you love to do?
Richie: “I work out, swim here on campus, play the guitar and sing, hang out with friends and my family.”

3) What’s your perfect date?
“Like with my girlfriend or someone new?” 
Me: “I don’t care. Does it make a big difference? You pick. Just Go.” 
Richie: ‘Ok, so I would go pick her up. Then go inside and hang out with the family for a little bit.”
Me: “Are you kidding me? Be serious.”
Richie: “I am,” he says laughing. “I told you I’m a family guy!” 
Me: “Fine, go on,” I said laughing. “So, you throw the nephew in the air making him giggle. Now what?”
Richie: Laughing, “Ok, so then we would go out to dinner. Probably Italian somewhere quiet so we can talk. Have some wine and good conversation.”
Me: “They’re gonna eat you alive,” I say in reference to you reading this. You’re smiling and in love. Don’t lie. 

4) So any turn offs?
Richie: “Yes. There are two. I hate when girls hang on me like if we just kinda met. They’re too clingy or too affectionate at first.”
Me: “So you’re anti PDA?”
Richie: “Not really. Just some girls come on too strong and I just don’t like it. The other one is when girls talk about their ex boyfriends a lot. They just complain or talk about their ex in a bad way. I would never do that so I just can’t stand it.”

5) Turn-ons?
Richie: “First off, you gotta catch my attention with some kind of physical attraction. Then I would say a warm personality, intelligent, indepedent, strong morals. I love a chase.” 

Derilyn Devlin graduates from Pitt in April 2012. She is excited to leave the University of Pittburgh Her Campus to Mandy Velez and Claire Peltier as the new campus correspondents. 
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