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Pros and Cons for Dressing up for Class

The first week of classes may be coming to an end, yet the wide variety of
outfits I see at 8 o’clock in the morning on my way to class continues to
amaze me.

Some colleges are deemed as universities that get an “A” for
fashion because the girls are known to dress up for class, while others
are notorious for rolling out of bed. My first week at Pitt has contained
numerous encounters with girls sporting a mixture of gym clothes, dresses,
and even wedges. Dressing up for class is either a big do or a big don’t
for many female students. Here are some different perspectives to help
you decide how you’ll dress for class:


1. You’re always prepared to meet your cute-but-nerdy prince charming –
Some girls fantasize about meeting a cute guy in class. What’s better
than to catch his eye with that cute jacket with the sparkles on it? You never know when
you’ll meet a cute guy, but when the moment comes, you’ll already be
prepared with a cute outfit. You’ll feel uber confident about yourself
when you talk to him because let’s face it, we all feel great in a rocking

2. You radiate confidence- You may physically feel good when you’re in
sweatpants because you’re comfy, but when you look nice, your self-esteem
goes up. Whenever well-dressed females look in the mirror, they’re more
likely to compliment themselves. Dressing up will make you feel better
about yourself, and maybe even give you a more positive attitude that you
can assert towards your classes.

3. You’ll feel more awake and productive -It’s always hard to wake up for
those morning classes, and I feel like it’s especially hard to ever come
out of that sleep-deprived coma when you’re still wearing comfy clothes.
Comfy clothes = the strong desire of wanting to crawl into bed = Lack of
focus. If you plan on staying awake during your classes, dressing up will
give you that extra push not to doze off.

4. Professors might have more respect for you- Ever wonder what your
professor thinks about you? You may be in a lecture hall with 300 other
students, where the professor definitely doesn’t know each student, but
they most certainly will realize if you’re wearing pajamas- and they will
assume you’re not taking the class seriously. Our occupation is being a
student; adults dress up for job interviews and work, so shouldn’t we look
presentable for our work? Taking the time to look presentable shows your
ready to assert yourself.


1. You’ll feel uncomfortable- Lets face it, no matter how comfortable your
nice outfits are, they will never be as comfy as sweatpants, gym shorts,
and t-shirts. When you have a three-hour lab or an hour class ahead of
you, the last thing you want to be doing is fidgeting because you’re
uncomfortable. Save the spiked, heeled shoes and the suffocating jeans-
you’ll need the energy it took to walk with the shoes and squeeze into
those jeans for class.

2. It takes too long to get ready in the morning – Who wants to wake up at
the crack of dawn to put on an outfit that no one will probably
acknowledge in an hour-long class? When you’re up all night doing
homework or studying, the last thing any girl should want to do is wake up
extra early to pamper herself for class. Wearing comfy clothes can cut
about a half hour off your morning routine- you won’t waste time thinking
about what will look good or raiding your whole closet until its contents
are sprawled across your bed. Throw on shorts, a Pitt tee, and run out
the door.

3. It comes off like you’re trying too hard- I’m not saying that everyone
who dresses up for class is automatically deemed trying to hard, but do
you really want to be “that” girl who walks into class in a dress and
wedges at 8 am? I’ve seen my fair share of lace see through shirts this
past week; yes, it may be a pretty shirt, but I suggest saving that one
for night.

4. You can’t just jump right back into bed!- When you finish your last
class, you’ll be ready to jump right back into bed in your comfy clothes.
Trust me, when you’re a sleep deprived college student, having to change
outfits seems as difficult as waking up when your alarm clock rings!

Whether dressing up or dressing down is your style, just remember that
it’s about how you feel in the clothes you’re wearing!

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