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Proof That We’re All Secretly (Or Not-So-Secretly) Squidward

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.

Let’s be honest here: we’ve all watched more SpongeBob, even now, than we would like to admit. SpongeBob’s happy-go-lucky attitude in stark contrast with Squidward’s hatred of anyone who lives in a pineapple under the sea made us laugh back then, and still puts a smile on our faces to this day. Throw in a brainless sea star who literally lives under a rock, a money-hungry crab who will do anything for a buck, and an evil little sea plankton who is married to a computer, and you’ve set yourself up for some entertainment. Although each character has a special place in any devoted SpongeBob viewer’s heart, as we have grown older, many of us have noticed more and more similarities between our favorite squid and ourselves. Don’t believe me? See how many of these classic Squidward moments you can relate to on a spiritual level.

When you smell your roommates cooking and you haven’t eaten all day.

When you stayed up all night working on an assignment and then you check your email to see your professor extended the deadline.

You during finals week.

When you’re in an awful mood and your friends try to cheer you up (but you’re having none of it).

When you forgot your volume is all the way up and Facebook starts playing a video.

When you’re secretly checking yourself out in the bathroom and someone you hate walks in.

When you think you can finally take a break after midterms and your professors dump even more assignments on you.

How you feel when it’s your turn to present to the class.

Going home after finals.

When your drunk roommates come back and want to hang out (even though it’s 3 AM).

Trying to get your phone out from behind your bed without having to move aside everything in your room.

When you’re about to fall asleep and remember you have a test tomorrow (that you haven’t studied for).

When a freshman swipes your broke a** into market (free food is free food, maggots or not).

When you take a “nap” before getting up again at 2 AM to finish all your homework and studying.

When your paycheck comes in.

When you’re furious and your friend asks if you’re okay.

Trying to get to class in the middle of winter (because no way is Pitt cancelling school).

When you locked yourself out of your apartment and your phone is dead so you can’t call your roommate.

Taking your drunk friend home from Sorrento’s at 1 AM.

Finally heading home for the day. 

When your friend is trying to set you up with some guy you have no interest in.

When your friend is being rude for no reason.

When the person you gave your paper to as an example gets a better grade than you.

When your neighbors are having a house party but you have work the next morning.

When you stayed up all night to write that essay and it’s finally done.

When you’re walking to your 9 AM and your “morning person” friend sees you.

When your song comes on.

When you can’t be bothered to wait for the Cathedral elevators so you take the stairs to get to your class.

 When you find out you did the homework questions from the wrong chapter.

(This doesn’t even need a caption.)

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