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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.

It’s so easy to fall into a routine of gravitating towards the same restaurants over and over again, especially as a college student. This month I’ve chosen to highlight a few of my absolute favorites that I found early on in my college career.

Pie For Breakfast

Located on North Craig Street, this breakfast joint is a close walk from Pitt’s campus and so worth it! They’re open between eight in the morning and three in the afternoon every day of the week. This unsuspecting spot offers more than just pie, too! You can get a delicious breakfast or brunch any time while they’re open!

The first time I visited Pie for Breakfast, I was a freshman leaving my first final exam of my spring semester. The slice of pie that I ordered immediately cured my uneasy feelings about how I had performed on that exam. I went on to have a great day and an even better week, and I truly believe its because I tried Pie for Breakfast.

Next time you’re unsure of where to go for breakfast or lunch with your friends, give Pie for Breakfast a chance! I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Asia Tea House

This may not be a hidden gem as it sits right in Schenley Plaza, neighboring The Porch, but it is a favorite of mine that a surprising number of my friends often overlook. Asia Tea House offers a range of different entrée and side options, along with delicious bubble tea flavors. Google has it listed in the “one dollar sign” price range, and I agree! Nothing says spring to me like spending twelve dollars on a meal and bubble tea that will keep me fed for a day or two.

My favorite way to enjoy Asia Tea House is by ordering the orange chicken and two sides (I switch up the sides every time) with a different flavor of bubble tea, taking it over to my hammock or picnic blanket and enjoying dinner while basking in the sun and listening to music.

Las Palmas

Again, this isn’t a hidden restaurant by any means. However, if you’re new to the area and haven’t been out in South Oakland a good bit, you may not know just how good Las Palmas is. Situated right on Atwood Street, this is a great spot to consider visiting more often! Las Palmas is a small grocery store on the inside, filled with fresh produce, basic needs and even a great collection of knick knacks and kitchen supplies. Outside on the street, however, you can get fresh tacos for around three dollars each! You get to choose your protein and then have a build your own adventure moment over at the toppings bar!

Las Palmas is one of my favorite quick trips on a night out or on my way to class. I’m hoping that you’ll venture onto Atwood to try it out if you haven’t already.

I hope that this list either gave you a new place to try here in Oakland, or reminded you of an old favorite that had slipped your mind!

I'm a mechanical engineering major with a passion for sustainability and green energy. In my free time I love to skateboard, drink coffee, and listen to music.