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Pitt vs PSU: 5 Reasons Why Pittsburgh Is Better than State College

Let’s be real, Pitt students—we know our school trumps all in Pennsylvania, including Penn State. In the name of spirit and competition, HC Pitt and HC Penn State have paired up for the ultimate showdown. From the location, to food, sports, and more, we have all the information you need on why both schools rock in their own ways. The first step in comparing the two and deciding which is better (Pitt) begins with their locations. It can’t get more different than an urban city and—well—a school in the middle of nowhere. Pitt has a prime location that provides so many opportunities to students. Let’s look at why Pittsburgh is victorious over State College on any given day!

1. The culture is thriving. Pittsburgh is an urban, lively city, and Pitt is right in the heart of it all. With easy access to Downtown, Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, and many other areas, the opportunities to explore the city and immerse yourself into the culture are endless. Pittsburgh hosts a variety of art, history, and science museums, along with theaters, plays, exhibits, and more. Whether you relive the art of Andy Warhol or become one with the exhibits at the Mattress Factory, the city is full of endless unique opportunities. You get the same cultural, urban feel as a large-scale city like New York, with the perks of a quieter atmosphere!

2. We have our own language. The first thing you realize when you move to the region is the language. Yinz? Yinzer? Jagoff? Don’t worry, they’re not speaking a foreign tongue; they’re speaking Pittsburghese. What areas in the United States are so cool as to have their own special language? Check Pittsburgh off, because the locals are proud of their own lingo. The accent and vocabulary brings yinz Pittsburghers together, and adds a personal flair to the city that you don’t experience in larger urban areas.

3. The city (and Cathy) makes for a beautiful campus. Sprawled out right in the city, Pitt’s campus has an urban edge to it that State College just can’t have. You get a large campus feel that is spread out and mixed in with the restaurants and stores in Oakland, yet everything is easily accessible. And let’s not forget about the Cathedral of Learning, aka Cathy, the rising beauty on campus who looks like she’s straight out of Game of Thrones. The Nationality Rooms have exquisite architecture representing various cultures, and you may be lucky enough to have a class in one of them. Stop by the Honors floor for the beautiful view of the city that Cathy offers.

4. The bridges and skyline create a perfect landscape. Home to 446 bridges, Pittsburgh is geographically like no other city. Most cities don’t have three rivers flowing throughout them, nor bridges that connect the city. Both add to the beautiful landscape and unique design of the city. They honor the industrial past of Pittsburgh, and I think we can all attest that the view as you drive onto the bridge out of the Fort Pitt Tunnel reminds us each time we come back from the airport why we call Pittsburgh our home. The city also contains numerous mountains and hills that offer a beautiful view of the skyline. What other skyline contains buildings, rivers, and bridges? The Duquesne and Monongahela Inclines provide a surreal view of the city that showcases all of its beauty.

5. The city is filled with green space. You get the best of both worlds at Pitt (am I right, Hannah Montana?). The urban area is broken up with some much needed green space where you can spend time relaxing or basking in the sun during the warm months. From Schenley Park, Mellon Square, Point State Park, and Schenley Plaza right on campus, you get a suburban feel in the heart of the city. The parks help create a healthy, active environment in the city as they welcome locals to hang out, exercise, or just enjoy the scenery. The blooming flowers and trees in the warm months alongside the buildings are so welcoming and beautiful—you’ll never want to leave.

There you have it! Pittsburgh provides so many opportunities and sights in an urban setting that you can’t get in a rural area like State College. The area isn’t just centered around the activities and doings of the shool; rather, Pitt only plays a small role in a city that holds it own. Hail to Pitt!

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