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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.

As a second-semester senior, I know better than anyone how comfortable one can get in our little Oakland bubble, visiting the same restaurants, going to the same bars, and seeing the same scenery day after day. But, while consistency is nice, as a senior I also know how limited the rest of my time here actually is, and that there are many things on campus and in this beautiful city that I have yet to experience.  

Enter my Pitt Bucket List, a little thing I put together at the end of sophomore year/beginning of junior year. Scrawled on a scrap piece of notebook paper, this list has become the guide to my adventures the past year and a half, and I’m constantly adding to it to see just how much I can see and do before the end of April. Provided here are a few of my personal favorites, listing ones I have accomplished and those I have not. I hope they encourage you to try something new, and remember, in the words of Up: “Adventure is out there!”


-Climb to the roof of the music building (my personal favorite so far)

-Try a restaurant you haven’t tried before; like Salem’s for Middle Eastern food or one of the Indian food trucks

-Experience the whole Carnegie, including the museum, art gallery, and library

-Prank someone in your dorm for April Fools

-See a Pitt game for a sport other than basketball or football

-Ride a riverboat from the Gateway Clipper fleet downtown

-Ask someone on a date

-Pregame a class (at least just once)

-Ride the incline to Mt. Washington

-Go to the original Primanti’s 

-See a concert at a venue other than Stage AE

-Go see a show at the Benedum Center

-Find Blue Slide Park

-Hit all the frats in one night

-Go to the major art museums, like the Andy Warhol and the Mattress Factory

-Experience a neighborhood you haven’t before, like Bloomfield or the Strip District

-Walk all 42 flights of the Cathedral to the very top

-Get into Nordy Hall (somehow…)

-Jump in one of the rivers

-See a student production, like Greek Sing, the Steel City Step Show, or one of the many plays Pitt does in Foster Memorial Hall

-Go to a Pirates/Pens/Steelers game


All pictures from Andreja’s personal photos

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