Pitt Pre-Bowl Fun: Speculating On Possible Venues

If you go to Pitt and are even just a fair-weather fan, you probably know PITT BEAT CLEMSON, and that’s how they gained their Bowl game eligibility! As of right now, there are four different bowl locations Pitt could get to, and they are all really cool places. So, if you’re planning on going to the game this year, you’re in luck because there’s a lot to do at all these awesome places! From bars and clubs to museums and historical locations, there are many fun things to do – but don’t forget that the best part of the trip will definitely be the game that Pitt crushes!

The Hyundai Sun Bowl (El Paso, Texas)

This is one of the oldest and longest running bowl games and the only one that has always been on CBS. Most people don’t just show up at the Bowl games, so they need to find some fun stuff to do before game time. There is so much to do in El Paso Texas, and first on the list is Game Zone. Game Zone is the largest arcade place in Texas! They have games for up to 8 players, so make sure you take seven friends with! I’m going to take a SHOT in the dark and guess some people would really prefer to actually shoot at their best friends, so you could all go to American Eagle Paintball too! If your nerdy like I am you, would probably also enjoy going to the El Paso Holocaust Memorial Museum. If you still want to learn with (but with a little less depression) you can check out the El Paso Zoo. But if you want something to remind you that you’re still an adult, there is always the option of bar hopping with your besties! And don’t yinz Pittsburghers worry, there is a Steelers bar in El Paso. I bet you could find some people there who actually know how to sing Sweet Caroline! #LetsGoPitt

The Belk Bowl (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Charlotte is the second largest city in the Southeast and the third largest in the country. But that’s no surprise, because it’s actually warm there instead of up in the North (Pole). They don’t have Pitt, thought, so it will never be as good! The most exciting family-friendly place in Charlotte is the Discovery Place because it’s very educational and everyone can learn something new! If you like cars, you can race down to the NASCAR Hall of fame. I know I would be all for going to one of their amazing national parks because North Carolina has some of the most beautiful views in the East! If you think it’s too cold for outside activities, there are many theaters to go to. Just make sure you order tickets before you go. Like every city, there are many bars you can hop with your bros before you watch Pitt take home another win!

The Music City Bowl (Nashville, Tennessee)

This would be a cool place to spend some time in before Pitt’s last go around of the year. Of course, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum is a must while in Nashville. Not going there is like going to Orlando and skipping Disney World! There are more historical places to visit including Belle Meade Plantation, a full size replica of the Parthenon, the hermitage Museum, and the Travelers Rest Civil War History Museum. There is a lot of history to enjoy in this area. If your 21, you can enjoy all the bars offered in Nashville – I bet most of them play country music though!

Pinstripe Bowl (New York City, New York)

As we all know, there is a lot to do in New York City. The culture is insane with so many museums and art galleries to go to. I can’t even begin to name any of them because there are so many that are so worth-while. If you would like to be outside, you may like to take a trip to Chinatown or Little Italy. Taking a walk in Central Park is always a great idea! The best places have on your list would have to be the Rockefeller Center or Broadway to see a show. Don’t forget, there will always be really cool bars to explore and endless stores and shops to go to!

I know all of these places seem really cool and exciting, but we can only go to one. We will find out this week which awesome city Pitt will be in!


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