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The Perfect Holiday Gifts from the Student Store on Fifth

Looking to save some money on family presents this holiday season? Have excess Panther Funds? Look no further! The University Store on Fifth has seriously expanded its products with many great presents you can use your student ID for. Here’s a list of gift ideas that the Student Store on Fifth has some sales on this Monday, December 1st! Don’t miss it!

For Her:

Vera Bradley


Surprisingly, yes! Our student store has slippers and slip-ons in their collection.

For the Artsy:

There is a huge, and continually growing collection of sophisticated art supplies near the computer station. Perfect for the Van Gogh in your family.

For the Nerdy:

Pitt has the lovely collection of little infectious or cellular creatures like the Bed Bug above for all the scientists out there. If you don’t want to give your family a cute little disease for Christmas, however, there’s always the regular old book section.

For the Pitt Pride:

And of course, the Student Store is best known for all of its Pitt-centric items.

It comes in all shapes and sizes, for every member of the family:

All photos credited to the author. 

Junior Economics and Chinese major at Pitt! I am Fundraising chair for our fantastic Pink Level Chapter that was voted "Most Philanthropic" last year. Since I love volunteering and organizing people to help our Pittsburgh community, getting HC members into fun, innovative ways to build this community is my job. We also have fundraisers for both ourselves and our charity partner She's the First. To find out more about their amazing work check out https://www.shesthefirst.org/Look out for our HC Night Out tickets this October! Inquiries: jmc248@pitt.edu
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