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Meet Daniel Fisher ‘19

Looking to make a great friend? Need a solid movie recommendation? Look no further! Daniel Fisher is a freshman here at Pitt. He wants to study emergency medicine and is an active member in the Pitt Rugby Club Team.

HC: So, if you had to pick a favorite class as of right now, what would it be?

Daniel: I’d definitely have to go with my Seminar in Composition class. It’s the one about films and I think it’s really interesting.

HC: Is there anything that’s been particularly challenging for you while adjusting to Pitt?

Daniel: I had to learn to pick studying over hanging out with friends sometimes.

HC: And what about your favorite thing about Pitt so far?

Daniel: The employees here all really seem to enjoy working for Pitt. The food staff are always so nice, and I really like that.

HC: Enough about school, let’s talk more about you. Do you have a favorite food?

Daniel: Umm, definitely bacon cheeseburgers.

HC: So you were probably super excited about Stack’d opening then! What’s your favorite place to go eat?

Daniel: I actually love Chik-Fil-A, even though they don’t have burgers. Their fries are awesome.

Daniel skydiving for his 18th birthday.

HC: If you had to choose the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done or had happen to you, what would it be?

Daniel: It doesn’t sound like much, but once I stepped on a stick and ended up on crutches.

HC: That seems a little clumsy, but you’ve been skydiving?!

Daniel: Yeah, I went for my 18th birthday. I’m not afraid of heights or anything and it was an absolutely amazing experience.

HC: That’s so cool! I’m a terrified of heights myself, but what a once in a lifetime opportunity! Any special girls in your life?

Daniel: Yeah, she’s pretty great. Sorry to disappoint, ladies.

HC:  Oh, darn! What would you describe as your biggest turn off?

Daniel: Probably any piercings other than ear piercings. It’s just not my favorite.

HC: Hmm, and what about a favorite pick up line?

Daniel: If I had to pick a favorite, I’d probably have to say “Poof, I’m here, now what are your other two wishes?”

HC: Haha, that’s such a classic. And now for the hard-hitting question… Are you ready?

Daniel: Definitely! Go for it.

HC: What was the last movie you watched?

Daniel: The last movie I watched was The Martian, and I really liked it because I understood the science and it was really cool.

HC: Well, there you have it folks, the one, the only Daniel Fisher! Are there any other fun facts that you’d like to share with us?

Daniel: I actually come from a huge family and I have like 35 cousins that I’m super close to. Oh, and I lived in Alaska.

Daniel at his high school graduation with three of his cousins.


Image credit: provided by Cutie.

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