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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.

This year I was fortunate enough to join one of the best organizations on campus… surprise, surprise: it’s Her Campus, of course! During my freshman year, I was a member of a lot of different clubs but struggled to find an environment that I felt totally comfortable and welcomed in, especially during in person meetings. I was constantly told that clubs would be the place where I found “my people,” since obviously students in the same club share the same interests. But I just wasn’t experiencing that feeling yet. This year, I decided to shake things up and join some organizations that freshman-me wouldn’t expect. And now here I am.

After my very first HC meeting over Zoom one Sunday night last fall, I immediately texted my friend (a fellow new HC member at the time) and told her how much I already loved this club and the people in it. Normally, the second I log onto a Zoom meeting with people I don’t know, my social anxiety kicks into high gear and I quite honestly sit there terrified. I knew that this club was a good fit for me because I finally didn’t have that feeling in the pit of my stomach! From the creative freedom while writing to silly conversations during meetings, Her Campus is the day-brightener that every college woman deserves. But don’t just take it from me—every member of HC Pitt will testify to this absolute fact. Check out some of HC Pitt’s favorite things about being a member!

  • “I love the HC girl gang!!! You are all so cool, intelligent and straight up queens? Her Campus has been there for me since freshman year and I’ve loved seeing how it has grown and changed. It’s the best feeling to see friendships and memories develop through this club. Also I love our bonding events, the HC merch and of course writing articles! I think I’ll stop myself here before I ramble on for a page lol. hcxo?” -Erin Lalli
  • “The girl gang ❤️ It’s such a laid-back space full of supportive gals, I feel like I can always be myself around you guys! I know it’s a place I’ve made lifelong friends!” -Kate Rempe
  • “Writing for HC is great and a low-pressure club that allows me to express my creativity. But really my favorite thing is the people in it! Everybody is so sweet and accepting. Meetings always make my Sunday evenings special ❤” -Claire Uyeda
  • “I love having a space that allows us to write about anything that is important to us – it allows us as women to express our thoughts and opinions. I also love the positive and uplifting community of the club and how we support each other! ❤️” -Nicole Arnold
  • “Her Campus was the first club I joined as a freshman and I immediately felt so welcome at the meetings! I love how all the girls are so supportive of each other and uplifting/empowering. Being part of a girl gang definitely boosted my confidence! I’m always inspired by what people are writing each week and even the other things they are involved in on campus.” -Keri Courtnage
  • “It’s great to be around such caring, motivated and passionate students through Her Campus! Everyone is always so willing to help with absolutely everything, and all the girls will go on to do big things! The events have been great, and it’s a great way to know others! I’m always so blown away by everyone’s articles, and it’s an honor to be around and learn from everyone’s experiences and ideas!” -Faryaal Alam
  • Her Campus was the first org I joined after transferring and I immediately felt accepted. HC Pitt is filled with the most inspiring, amazing, empowering women I’ve come to know. I really do cherish everyone who has come into this org to really be our own little girl gang on campus ❤ I feel so fortunate that I’ve been able to grow not just as a writer and editor, but also to grow alongside everyone! HCXO forever and always – a very emotional senior” -Eva Ashbaugh

If you were to ask me why I love Her Campus, I would not be able to stop praising this organization. When I was younger, I was known to be a writer among my friends, family and teachers. As I grew up and had less time for passions, that part of my life slowly faded away. I cannot express enough how much it means to me to gain back a piece of my old identity, while gaining connections with such a hardworking, funny, intelligent and creative group of women. Whether I produce a political piece or a lighthearted listicle, my voice always feels valued. Just me as a person feels valued and loved. Here’s to finding your perfect fit!

~HCXO, HC Pitt.  

Shreya Babu is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Sociology and Administration of Justice, and minoring in Political Science and Legal Studies. Outside of HC, Shreya is on the board of Dhirana, a non-profit classical Indian dance competition that raises money for the Birmingham Free Clinic in Pittsburgh. She is also the founder of Women in Law at Pitt, a sister of Alpha Delta Pi, and a dancer on the Pittsburgh team First Class Bhangra.
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