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It’s no secret that since Meghan Markle came into the life of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, she has been the subject of horrendous cyberbullying and scathing tabloid abuse. She has been slandered for her background, exiting the British monarchy with her husband, speaking up about mental health issues, holding her baby bump, eating avocados and…wearing black nail polish. The racism that she is faced with from the media and, as she revealed in her and her husband’s interview with Oprah in 2021, within the royal sphere, is quite frankly an embarrassment to our society as a whole and to the monarchy. So when Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, returned to England last week to be a loving and supportive spouse while her husband mourned his grandmother, royalists saw a target once more for their vitriol after the death of their queen.

Harry and Meghan traveling to see Queen Elizabeth II as she is laid to rest and congratulate King Charles III on his ascension (more’s the pity there) is a tremendous show of familial loyalty on both of their parts. If the rumors are true about Meghan and Catherine Middleton not having a good relationship, their visit must have been extraordinarily awkward. The fact that someone within the family expressed displeasure over how dark her son Archie’s skin might be must mean that this visit is nothing short of triggering for the Duchess of Sussex. In my opinion, Meghan’s making an appearance to her in-laws shows that she is an unfailingly graceful woman who wants to support her husband in his grief. For the British tabloid media and royalists, she is a punching bag.

In the past week, Meghan’s interactions with her in-laws and the royal aides have been analyzed to a forensic degree in order to depict her as a rude, unpleasant person who does not belong among the monarchy. One wonders why these would-be detectives are so obsessed with the Duchess of Sussex and Catherine Middleton’s interactions, or how Meghan smiles and tells a security guard that she can place a bouquet of flowers down by herself. It goes to show how any move that Meghan makes is treated as a slight against the British Royal Family. If only they paid such close attention to people worthy of critique.

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