Leave Boring Nails Behind: A How To on Funky Fall Nails

It’s that time of year again, where you have to put away the bikinis and matching neon nail polish; and trade them in for sweaters, scarves, and earthy, fall inspired nail colors!  While it may seem difficult to spruce up your nails when restricted to neutral and dark colors, there are simple and trendy designs that will have everyone raving over your funky patterns and polishes.  With just a few effortless techniques, you’ll have these autumn inspired Aztec nails down to a science in no time!  Here is a quick and easy guide to creating Aztec nails that will look fantastic and fresh cradling your favorite fall drink from Starbucks!

Step 1) Choose Your Base:

Start by coating all of your nails with a light base coat, preferably in a tan or neutral color.  For a smoother base void of any streaks, you should apply two coats!


Step 2) The Feature Nails:

Next, choose which fingers you want to feature the Aztec design on.  Once you’ve decided, create a black outline of the design using a thin-tipped brush.  You can either use a nail polish that comes with a thin tip, or go to your local craft store and pick up a very thin paintbrush. You can be creative with the lines, alternating between zigzags and diagonals. 


Step 3) Pick Your Color Block Shades:

After you have finished the black outlining, it is time to pick your favorite fall shades to fill in the spaces.  This step can also be completed by using a thin paintbrush or a nail polish that comes with a thin tip already.  Simply take whichever colors you like and fill in color blocks to create a mosaic look! 

Step 4) The Final Touch:

After letting your nails dry, it’s time for the finishing touches!  Use whichever top coat you prefer and give each nail a thick coating, which will really smooth over the design- making it look clean and solid.  Then, once your nails are completely dry, go out and show off that funky manicure! 

With just four simple steps, you now know how to create a sweet nail design that is fun and easy to apply to your own nails or to a friend’s!  Don’t let the change of season hold you back from bold looks all the way to the tips of your fingers!


Photo and Video Credit: Abby Stubenbort