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Jump Into Fun: Activities for Couples

Many people complain after a while about being in a relationship.  At some point, it only seems to be a burden, or getting to be a hard thing to do, because we tend to get comfortable.  When it comes to being in a relationship for a while, we tend to lose our creativity and want to have fun with that person in new ways to keep us interested.  At a certain point, it’s no longer about keeping them interesting, it has to turn into keeping the relationship interesting.  If your significant other is with you even after the courtship has dwindled, they more than likely already like you for who you are.

Doing a little extra work to keep the fun going is what you need.  Quality time and communication are two of the most important factors of any good relationship that lasts.  Fun, adventurous, and team effort activities is the key!  Through some research and interviewing, I have come up with a surefire list of activities that you and your partner can do that will surely make some memories and have you learning things about yourselves that didn’t even realize you could learn.


Go on a road trip for a day or two:

  • To the beach, a restaurant that’s not in your town, or a new city
  • To a shopping center, or museum/sight-seeing destination(s)


Some free date-worthy outings:

  • Local art shows/galleries
  • Visiting a winery or beer brewery
  • Amateur night at the local bar/coffeehouse
  • Local cafes (There might be entertainment nights!)
  • Movie-on-the-lawn (This happens a lot every summer in New York!)
  • Free park concerts


Get down with some good old playtime!

  • Engage in each other’s favorite activities that you would never have done if it were only up to you
  • Board games
  • Video games
  • Roller/ice skating
  • Bowling
  • Go-carting
  • Zip-lining and more


Nothing beats being able to play like a kid again with your boyfriend or girlfriend!  Try a spontaneous trip to a park or playground and just play tag, have a water balloon/water gun fight.  It’s all about having fun, and staying active in the process is a plus.  Working out together could prove to be a bonding experience also and even like a bit of friendly competition.  Cooking is another great activity that can be done for spending some quality time.

As we’ve seen in many movies, a trip to a remote spot under a starry night sky for stargazing is probably on everyone’s romantic list, and it serves for some sweet alone time.  Amidst all of the thrilling activities that couples can engage in, making room for alone time is a definite must.  Don’t forget to take a breather from the world because you still need to maintain your universe, and your individual worlds as well.  So have some adventure time, play time, and alone time.  This will ensure that you and your significant other are continuously learning about each other through new experiences.  Have fun, and keep the fire alive!

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