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Jake Snell ’14

Name: Jake Snell
Year: Junior
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Relationship Status: Single

Her Campus: What brought you to Pitt?
Jake Snell: I love this city and I spent a lot of time as a little kid here, visiting my relatives. I just love the school and campus. Oh, and my tour guide was really hot—that helped.

HC: What’s your favorite Pitt memory?
JS: My first week and weekend living in Towers freshman year. It was one of the most ridiculous times in my life.

HC: What’s it like being a mechanical engineer?
JS: Honestly, it sucks. It’s just a lot of work. It’s interesting though. And fingers-crossed, hopefully it will pay off.

HC: What is your favorite food?
JS: Anything Italian.
HC: Okay, but if you had to pick something specific…
JS: Lasagna.

HC: How about your favorite movie?
JS: Aladdin, because I’m looking for my Princess Jasmine.

HC: What are your turn-ons in a girl?
JS: Her smile is a big one. And she has to have a good sense of humor. And she can’t be afraid to be dorky and weird.

HC: What are some turn-offs?
JS: A big turn-off would be any girl who is too cocky and thinks she’s better than everyone else in the room. I like a girl that’s beautiful but that’s humble about it. It’s also a turn-off when girls are close-minded and snobbish.

HC: What’s your best pick-up line?
JS: Okay, don’t judge me for this: You go up, limping, to a girl at the bar. You ask her for help. She asks, “What’s wrong?” You say, “I must’ve hurt my knee when I fell for you.” It’s cheesy but I like it.

HC: Describe your perfect date.
JS: I’d take my date sailing on a private yacht.

HC: Who is your celebrity crush?
JS: Mila Kunis.

HC: Have any special talents?
JS: I play guitar and piano.

Claire is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh, double majoring in Nonfiction English Writing and Communication Rhetoric. She is one of two Campus Correspondents for HC Pitt and has held internships at Redbook Magazine and Verve Social Magazine. Claire is from Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, not too far from New York City. Her interests include fashion, writing, traveling (she spent a semester abroad in Australia!), and spending time with friends and family. Claire aspires to obtain a career working for a fashion magazine in New York City after she graduates.
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