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In an almost annual occurrence, this year’s Met Gala outfits caused a stir. This year’s theme “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” was followed by a select few and just barely by the rest. A night that could have inspired recreations of flapper dresses, cowboy getups and bell-bottomed suits instead brought forth a disappointing collection. It is worth noting that several celebrities who always arrive impeccably dressed were absent for various reasons, namely Blake Lively, Zendaya and Lady Gaga. Since the Met Gala is meant to raise money for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and display the work of modern fashion designers, it proves that the reason why they invite back celebrities who ignore the theme is to draw attention to the event. Rather than it being a night to celebrate fashion and fundraise, it has become an advertisement for those in attendance.  

Many celebrities who have ignored or misunderstood the theme were once again invited. The Kardashian and Jenner women, for example, have often disregarded the costume party nature of the event and have played it safe. This year was no exception; Kim Kardashian arrived wearing a roll of black fabric from head to toe (literally). Additionally, other celebrities arrived wearing incredible outfits that had little to no relation to American fashion. (I am sorry to say that Lorde’s ensemble adorned with amusement park souvenir coins, while cool, did not entirely fit the theme. Still adore her, though. Stream Solar Power.)  

Some stars’ ensembles stood out, however, as incredible representations of the designers who dressed them and how to follow the guidance of Anna Wintour. Billie Eilish and Megan Thee Stallion both looked beautiful in their Old-Hollywood inspired gowns, emulating Marilyn Monroe and Veronica Lake, respectively. The most meaningful outfit of the night, however, was worn by Native American model Quannah Chasinghorse; she wore a dress designed by Dundas x Revolve along with Navajo jewelry that celebrated and represented her heritage. This ensemble was particularly special because it exemplifies an important part of American culture that is too often ignored. If more attendees followed Chasinghorse’s lead and had meaningful designs incorporated into their ensemble, the Met Gala would be restored to its former glory.

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