I Watched Little Women & Cried Six Times

There are no spoilers ahead! Just me gushing about how much I love this film in a few hundred words.

No, this title is not just clickbait. Yes, I did cry six times. No, I do not cry at every film, and I very rarely cry in public. I love this film and do not regret a single tear; each one was valid, beautiful, devastating and wonderful. I cannot express to you how much I love this film, a fact made obvious by me writing an entire article about it.

I saw this film on Christmas Day in a completely packed theater that was full of families ready to experience this cinematic masterpiece. I had pretty high expectations coming into the film; I loved the 1994 version and thought the trailer for this 2019 version looked amazing. 

If you haven’t heard the story before, here’s a quick summary. Based off the novel by Louisa May Alcott published in 1868, the narrative follows four sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy March, and their lives as they grow up and face the scary, impending threat of adulthood. Assisted by the young and charming Theodore Lawrence and their kind-hearted mother, Marmee, you get to witness their growth through the pursuit of their dreams, first loves, heartbreaks and everything in between. Gif by Little Women Movie via Giphy

As I mentioned, I really loved the 1994 version of the film. A young Christian Bale as Laurie quite easily became one of my biggest childhood crushes. Alongside Bale was the powerhouse of the film, Winona Ryder, who played Jo. Jo was such an icon for me as a young and impressionable child. She was passionate, opinionated and sincere. The film emphasized that many of these characteristics were typically seen as “unladylike” in the 19th century, yet she was the woman I wanted to be when I grew up: someone who spoke their mind and pursued their dreams.

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So, yes, I loved the 1994 version, but the 2019 adaptation was taken to another level. Greta Gerwig, the director, adapted the story beautifully and did such an amazing job making each character relatable, annoying and lovable all at the same time. Each character felt authentic which only made the sense of sisterhood more realistic. Something about a book written by a woman, reworked and directed by a woman and presented to the audience by a group of tremendously talented women…well, there is nothing quite like it.

This star-studded movie features the performances of award-winning actresses Meryl Streep, Laura Dern, amidst the immensely talented Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh and Eliza Scanlen as the four March sisters. Throw in a little of Timothée Chalamet’s signature sass and keen way of delivering dramatic monologues, and that seems like the formula for a perfect cast to me. Don’t just take my opinion, though, as this film has now been nominated for six Oscars, including the lucrative Best Picture!

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While the film itself is enjoyable no matter who you see it with, I was fortunate enough to get to see this masterpiece with my mother. It was just a special experience to see a movie centered around strong women with one of my favorite strong women and greatest role models.

No matter if you have read the book, seen other adaptions or are coming in completely blind to these characters and their stories, this film will not disappoint.  It will make you laugh, cry or both — maybe even at the same time.   

Gif by Little Women Movie via Tenor