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I Didn’t Wake Up Like This: Making Your Morning Routine About You

Dear Beyonce, I loathe you for “waking up like this” the way that you do.


If getting out of bed in the morning isn’t hard enough, looking put together and ready to take on the day is. Unfortunately, not all of us are as blessed as Ms. Knowles and wake up flawless; I would guess quite the opposite. Personally, I fall into the not-Beyonce category for this one, but because of this, I have learned how to turn the hot-mess look into looking just plain hot. The key is this: prepare.

A little preparation will continually set you up to tackle the day, everyday. But where’s a girl to start? You know yourself better than anyone else and what it takes to feel ready for the day, but here are some tips and tricks for everyone to make the road to flawless smoother.

#1: Pick out your outfit the night before.

I am guilty of not doing this more than anyone. Trust me, I am notorious for rolling out of bed to avoid the “getting ready” part of the day. But, this is an easy fix. Check your phone or look online so you know what the weather will be the following day, and before bed take a pit stop at your closet to pick out an outfit. If you’re really on your game, pick out more than one outfit! As my mother always told me, it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind—this way you’ll have options. Don’t forget to dress weather-appropriate!

#2: Have a breakfast that you’re excited about.

There is nothing better than starting the day off by eating something you love or makes you feel good. This will not only boost your mood for the day, but also kick-start your metabolism (healthy for the body and soul). Aka, a real win-win situation. By having something to look forward to, getting out of bed is much easier. A couple fun breakfasts that I enjoy (depending on how much time I have, of course) are raspberry Greek yogurt with almonds, an apple with peanut butter, a fruit smoothie, or if I’m feeling fancy, an omelet. These are all accessible, quick and easy meals that are sure to start your day off right—to save some time, eat while getting ready, too!


#3: Do what makes you feel good.

Whether it’s doing your hair, makeup, or nails, wearing a certain necklace, or reading…take extra time in the morning to doing this, all while still being realistic. For me, a little eyeliner goes a long way—I personally feel more put together when I pay a bit of attention to my complexion. This ups my self-confidence in a good way and heightens my mood instantly. Maybe it’s something as simple as listening to your favorite song first thing in the morning, but whatever it is, commit to it! Whether it’s focusing on your outward appearance or inward feelings, doing a little something to heighten these is a game changer. The smile on your face won’t fade away all day!

#4: Get a good night’s sleep!

This is perhaps the easiest, yet hardest aspect of morning appearance. A lack of sleep is sure to affect your eagerness to start the next day, let alone a negative effect on your glowing skin and wide-open eyes. Unwinding and resting is just as important as every other thing in your busy life. My best advice is to consciously be aware of how important sleep really is. You will not only look but also feel more like yourself when sleep trumps all other late night activity, and will make the morning something that isn’t dreaded. 

Sure, we all can’t wake up looking flawless, but preparing for the morning will surely help. Mornings have a bad rep, but I think by putting your best foot forward, every day can be the best kind of day. Thanks for the insight, Beyonce, but waking up and earning the right to be flawless is a much more rewarding experience!


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