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Hottest Summer Concert Tours for 2013

Are you ready to be done with finals and let loose and have summer start already? Yeah, so am I. One of the most exciting things about summer is the free time to plan a trip somewhere where your favorite band or singer is performing, or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones that it just seems like every superstar out there is just magnetically drawn into your hometown! Take a look at who’s going to give you a carefree, blissful summer show where you can let the good times roll. Now is your chance to look into who you get to sing alongside this upcoming season, and boy do we have a lineup of performances this year.

1. The One, The Only, Beyoncé. Yes, even this fab wonder woman has time for us in her desirable life. She’ll be runnin’ the world with her girls from April 15th to August 5th but will visit us around in Philly, Brooklyn, and DC, just to name a few. I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone followed her around the entire tour, because you never know what this icon has in store for us this season. All I know is she would definitely be worth seeing, and you can check out tickets here.
2. One Direction. I know, I’m a 12-year-old at heart. But come on, what’s not catchy about their lyrics and the fact that you can sing them at the top of your lungs and still be 100% okay with people giving you weird looks? Hey I’ve even been joined by confused onlookers; I find it’s a favor to them that I made them smile! Anyway, the boys will be melting our hearts in Boston, Miami and right here in Pittsburgh. You can buy your tickets right here, but I can’t guarantee there will be open seats for long!


3. Fun. Now this I’m dying to see. There’s something about this band that just brings so much happiness to the audience and really shows their true talent and abilities. A unique voice paired with creative instrumentals really would make their show a sight to see and gain such an appreciation from. A constant night of dancing and smiling, these tickets would totally be worth investing in. Visit them near you in NYC, Chicago, Philly and a ton of others.


4. Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z. I was already won over when JT came out with his new single, “Suit and Tie,” and now that he’s launching a new tour I’m totally going to look into it. He alone is such an amazing and talented performer but adding Jay-Z into the mix just makes for a good time! They’ll be hitting up Hershey, NYC, and Boston, ready to show off their incredible skills. All the info is available on the Facebook event and lists additional concert dates. Let’s just say that I feel this show would be one of the top concerts you’ll ever get the chance to see.
5. Bruno Mars. Ahh, the guy we wish we could marry. This heartthrob will be entertaining us all over with an impressive lineup of tour dates featuring shows in Phoenix, Toronto, and a little bit more close-by in Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, and DC. I would love to see this cutie singing his heart out while unexpectedly showing off his hidden dance moves. I bet this concert would just be packed with a good old fashioned fun time, maybe even a chance for your whole family to come together and enjoy. Check out his concert tickets here.


6. Keith Urban. Not going to lie, Country’s never been my forte, but if a bunch of friends grabbed me and we all headed out to be serenaded by a man with a guitar, I wouldn’t hate it. With such a pretty voice this guy would definitely put on a great show. His tickets can be bought on this site and will be strumming his way through Virginia Beach, Charlotte, and Atlanta.

7. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. You can hear the screaming fans already. Wowing fans in Pittsburgh, DC, and Philly, these two singer/songwriters are bound to amaze us with a lively night perfect for summer. I’ve already seen the beautiful Ed Sheeran, and let me tell you, I melted within the first few seconds of hearing his angelic voice. As a pair I couldn’t imagine what they are capable of, but I’m betting Taylor and Ed plan to captivate the audience. Take a look at tickets before they’re gone!











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