Her Campus at the University of Pittsburgh’s Best Moments of 2016

If I had to pick one word to describe this year so far, I would choose “rollercoaster.” 2016 has definitely had its ups and downs. For many students, this month has been full of chaos from exams and making travel plans and the election. I, and I’m sure many of you, am completely worn out. We here at Her Campus Pitt have decided to reflect on our best moments of 2016 to remind ourselves that a bad day (or month) is not a bad life and to motivate ourselves to finish the semester.


 (Photo by Jess Crawford)

Casey: “This moment in Killarney, Ireland. Nothing will ever recreate the magic and serenity of that place.”

Jessie: “Seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time. I had only seen it in pictures and movies, and here I was, at 20 years old, running around Paris and taking everything in. Abroad in itself was an endless cycle of new experiences, but I have never felt more alive than standing in front of the Eiffel Tower and watching it start to sparkle at midnight. It was mesmerizing!”

Jess: “Hearing Beyoncé sing my favorite song in person with no music and letting the beauty and power of her voice alone literally vibrate my sternum.”

Lexi: “Spending a weekend on Lake Erie with the fam for our annual family reunion is my favorite day of every year, but this year was my first summer living away from home, so it was especially nice to come back and see all of my favorite people gathered in one of my favorite places. We ate a TON of food, I camped out in the backyard with my cousins, and sat by the fire to watch the sunset over the water with my entire family.”

Dominique: “Studying abroad in Italy this summer. I had so much fun meeting new people, visiting many cities, and eating countless amounts of pizza, pasta, and gelato!”

Taylor: “Getting to experience Greece with my momma!!”

Hannah: “When I went home for a week in August and got to go to the beach one last time with my best friend Jackie We got there really early, so we had the beach all to ourselves and we got some ~amazing~ Jersey bagels. OR when I saw Mumford and Sons live at Firefly! I've been in love with them for years, and I got super duper close. I cried multiple times out of excitement, but when they did ‘Ghosts That We Knew,’ I really lost it a little because it was just so beautiful and I felt so insanely lucky to be there. Sorry, I really couldn't pick just one, it's been a great year tbh <3”

Maria: “Showing my mom all of my favorite places in Italy when she came to visit after I finished studying abroad in Rome last summer and making amazing new memories!”

Caroline: “Driving my sister to and from cross-country practices all summer. We drove my grandmother's old Civic with the windows down for 15 minutes to air out the car so the AC would work. She would pick the music, and we'd generally arrive home singing something from the 80s really loudly <3 Now she's driving the Civic and I'm making her Spotify driving playlists!”

Kyleen: “Going to Croatia with two of my closest friends this summer :). Just being near the sea, experiencing a new culture, and learning to be extremely independent helped me really grow as an individual.”

As for me, 2016 has been full of great moments. If I had to pick one, I would pick going camping at Allegany State Park with my family. It was super great getting to turn off my cellphone and spend time with my (crazy) family hiking, eating, and sitting around the bonfire.

If 2016 has got you down, just remember: It isn’t over yet! Every day is another opportunity to make a wonderful memory.


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