Her Campus Pitt’s Favorite Holiday Gifts!

The holidays are a time of giving and receiving. Nothing feels better than giving someone a thoughtful gift you know they’ll love, or receiving a gift from a loved one that you know they picked especially for you. As our break winds down and our semester starts back up, HC Pitt wanted to express our gratitude by sharing some of our favorite gifts!

My favorite gift that I received was The Kite Runner and a new blanket. I’m looking forward to relaxing at night by curling up in this super soft blanket and diving into this book!”   – Erin L.

“My favorite gift was a trip to NYC! Loved getting the chance to explore the city with my friends and sister.” – Katherine L.

“My dad can really nail Christmas when he's given a theme to work with. So this year, he picked my sewing as his theme and got me this book. It's all about how to take any sewing pattern and hack it to make your most perfect, perfect-fitting garment. I already have about a thousand ideas!” – Caroline E.

“My favorite gift would be the book, She Caused a Riot! Perfect book to inspire women right now to keep pushing boundaries.”  – Emma N.

“I got this book called Adult-ish. It’s like a wreck this journal type thing but for young adults learning how to be real people.” – Mariah C.


Photo Credit: 1, 6 (all others are contributors’ own)