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Her Campus Helps Gladys Magazine with Photoshoot

Being the November Gladys Girl 2011 of Gladys Magazine and also the Editorial Intern for Gladys, I had the amazing opportunity to organize and plan photo shoots around the country for the main editorial of the Spring Issue and also be a part of it. As the editorial intern, I had to contact the models which were my fellow Gladys Girl sisters for 2011, photographers, boutiques, hair and make-up artists, and locations for 5 separate shoots! Fortunately, HC Pitt was so amazing and kindly booked the O’Hara Student Center Ballroom for the shoot in Pittsburgh. Some of the girls also came to be background models in the shoot.

We started the shoot nice and early at 8 am where we rearranged the room and set up the make-up artists and hair stylists. At 10 am, the three other main models/Gladys Girls came with dresses and coffee (of course) and we go to work on hair and make-up. At around 11:30, we started the photo shoot portion and it lasted until about 6:30 pm!

Although I can’t share any details about the shoot (as much as I want to!), it was an absolutely amazing experience. There were so many people doing so many different jobs and it flowed together perfectly. Even the editor-in-chief came on her birthday and spent the whole day with us. Everything was absolutely perfect and I was so thankful that the HC Pitt girls and other extras that came were so patient. It definitely made the shoot that much more perfect!

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