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In my experience, the stereotype that college students love caffeine has proved itself true. From a late-night session to a morning pick-me-up, a caffeinated beverage certainly brightens my day. Here are 10 Starbucks drinks that are HC Pitt approved to try the next time you hit the library!

Chai tea latte

Delicious hot or iced!

Caramel apple spice

A cider that tastes like fall.

Apple crisp oatmilk macchiato

Add a pump of apple brown sugar for some extra sweetness!

blonde vanilla latte

We love it iced or hot!

Iced black tea lemonade

Sweet, simple and refreshing.

caramel macchiato

A classic that’s hard not to love!

Strawberry acai refresher

A summer staple.

iced americano

Add light almond milk and two pumps of vanilla!

Honey citrus mint tea

Perfect to warm you up and kick that winter cold.

Hot chocolate

Switch it up by adding some raspberry or peppermint syrup!

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