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HC Pitt’s Plans for the Upcoming Warm Weather

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Pitt chapter.

As the weather is finally warming up and the beginnings of spring are appearing, we have so many fun activities to look forward to. We are so excited for the upcoming season with above-freezing temperatures! Here are some of the things that HC Pitt is most excited to partake in.

“Wearing sundresses again!” -Nicole

“Being able to sunbathe in Schenley Plaza all day with friends!!” -Eva

“Eating on the Pete lawn. Watching the pickup volleyball on the Pete. Running in the warmer weather. Sitting outside of Hillman to study.” -Grace

“Taking long walks!!” -Alexis

“Hiking up in the mountains with my friends after we get this vaccine!” -Sarah

“I’m looking forward to walking at Schenley Park and Frick Park!” -Erin

“I’m looking forward to taking walks, studying outside, and having a picnic in the park!” -Faryaal

“This is basically my answer to everything, but porch drinking just hits the spot.” -Katy

“Also porch coffees in the morning. Bevs on the porch at all times of day just hit different.” -Erin

As for me, I’m so excited to explore the city and walk around! Whatever you’re looking forward to, spring is the perfect time to enjoy the sunshine and take a break.

Hi, I'm Claire! I'm a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh and a pre-pharmacy major. I love reading, singing, and animals. In my free time, I'll be cuddling with my cat watching TikToks.
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