HC Pitt’s November Favorites

It’s that time! Time to share our favorite things we loved about this month. Now, the election brought out a lot of hurt feelings whether from a loss or from political arguments. But our HC girls have remained positive. We found ways to enjoy this month, the holiday, and mostly just start looking forward to the end of the semester! Here are the things we love that got us through – that you may love too!

My November favorite is a pair of Blue booties I got from my mom for my birthday. They're wedge booties which I love because I can't walk in real heels lol and they have cute tassels on the laces – Casey S.

My favorite thing in November is Pitt Football – Lydia S.

With all the hype around the Gilmore Girls revival I decided to watch the show for the first time and I am HOOKED! I may or may not be on season 3 after about only 3 weeks of watching  - Katie S.

I loved seeing all my friends from my hometown over thanksgiving break! – Kelly D.

I've been binge watching gossip girl. I currently only have TWO EPISODES LEFT. I don't know what I'm going to do when I finish the series. Gossip girl has become a part of my life & I talk to my boyfriend about things that happen in the show as if they're real life events. I'm constantly starting convos with him being like "so today Blair and Chuck were fighting and..." lol – Ashleigh B.

New Jersey diners.They're always the first place I go when I'm home, and there's nothing like an order of disco fries to cure school stress. – Jessie I.

November was a bit of a rough month so I'd have to say my friends, family, and bf who supported me through it – Hannah A.

To be honest the best thing I've used this month was the diva cup HC so generously provided for me. I wasn't sure I would like it but now I don't even know how I lived without it. It's so much easier than tampons and safer (no fear of toxic shock syndrome or anything like that) and it's just so much less stressful since you can leave it in for as long as you need to (they say 12 hours to avoid the cup overflowing and leaking but honestly you can wait longer if you have a lighter flow; it's completely safe to leave in since it's medical grade, non-absorbent silicone). Tampons always leaked on me, would move around inside and be uncomfortable but I've had zero leaks with the cup and I forget it's even there half the time. I just am so in love with this little thing and recommend it to anyone and everyone who has a bleeding vagina. – Katie O.

My favorite thing this month was finally getting to visit home. I missed my family and pets so much, and it was so great to see everyone. I also got to be reunited with Tim Hortons  - Mariah C.

The Rejected Princesses book and blog - Disney style illustrations and biographies of badass women you've never heard of - Caroline E.

That evil kermit meme lol – Adele S.

Dessert sushi! My mom and I made it to celebrate the Gilmore Girls revival and it is so fun(: - Maria P.

The Rimmel lip color that we got from HC for free! – Lauren F.

I've been really into wearing belts as an accessory. It's a little old school but it can definitely add to an outfit – Megan N.

Chestnut Praline Lattes from Starbucks! – Corinne H.

fuzzy socks! – Emma H.

Love your melon beanies! – Chantelle F.

HCNO!!! – Julia H.

Campus looking like this – Julia H.

And enjoying the last football game of the season! (w animal hats for the win lmao) – Julia H.

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