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We like to think that, as a group, we’re some of Pitt’s best trendsetters (insert hair flip emoji here). As such, we want to share with you some of our current but fleeting obsessions—from style and beauty, to foods and entertainment. We know we’ll move on to something new to obsess over soon, but here’s what we did, wore, loved and tweeted about last month!


Fredrika Unander-Scharin: The Royals

Why we’re obsessed: I was majorly obsessed with One Tree Hill in middle school/high school, so when I saw that Mark Schwahn (the creator of OTH) had a new show, I knew I was going to get obsessed. The drama and relationships are so outrageous that I feel like my life is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy compared to that of the characters’. The second season starts in November; I can’t wait! (Also, I am still in love with William Moseley.)

Sarah Filiault: The Flash!

Why we’re obsessed: I am a total nerd and I love superhero shows, and the main character is so adorable. Plus, they use a lot of material from the actual comics so the plot is really awesome. I know it’s a CW show but it’s actually not as dramatic and romantic as their others, so it’s gotten really popular, even with guys.

Dominique Stromple: Jane the Virgin.

Why we’re obsessed: The show recently came on Netflix and I binge watched the whole first season in two days (maybe not a good decision looking back on it, haha). I was obsessed. The show is so funny and sweet and romantic, but there’s also a mystery plot. The second season is on TV now!

Maria Pane: Marianas Trench’s new album, Astoria!

Why we’re obsessed: I’ve been listening to it on repeat since it came out October 23rd. They hadn’t released anything since 2011 and their new album does not disappoint. It has the same rhythmic and dramatic orchestra sound that builds the mood, but they changed it up with a new storyline and definitely added a whole new layer of dramatics to the atmosphere.


Maggie Brooks: The pumpkin dip from HC Night Out.

Why we’re obsessed: I need to know who made it and where I can get the recipe.

Katie Piscopio: The Tasty Facebook page!

Why we’re obsessed: They feature easy recipes through fast-paced videos that show the recipe being made from start to finish. By the end of each video, you’ll be drooling! It’s a great place for food inspiration if you don’t know what to make, or you’re feeling sinful. My personal favorites so far are the beer mac n’ cheese and the pumpkin spice latte milkshake. Check it out here!

Mariah Celeste: Apple Cider

Why we’re obsessed: I’ve been drinking all the apple cider I can get my hands on! I love fall!

Madison Shaftic: Caramel apple lollipops, all three flavors.

Why we’re obsessed: The yellow ones are my favorite!

Jessie Iacullo: Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almonds with sea salt and turbinado sugar…

Why we’re obsessed: I kid you not I am actually addicted to them and eat them non-stop. I also try to convince myself that they’re healthy because they’re almonds so I feel better about finishing a container of them in a week.


Sarah Churchman: Blanket Capes/ponchos.

Why we’re obsessed: I have been waiting since 2005 for these to come back into style omg. They are comfy, warm, easy to wear, and so in for this season.

Elaine Khodzhayan: Ankle booties and floppy hats.

Why we’re obsessed: Any and every excuse I have to wear them, I will.

Abbie Dobbertin: Pointed toe lace up flats (mine are from Topshop)!

Megan Baski: Face Wipes!

Why we’re obsessed: Such a great way to take your makeup off at the end of the night, and smells great!

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