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HC Pitt Reviews Tik Tok-Inspired Purchases

During quarantine, Tik Tok blew up. I don’t think I know a single person who is not on Tik Tok now! With nothing to do and nowhere to go, Tik Tok made it easy to pass time while being entertained. Along with these aspects, Tik Tokers also shared a lot of cool hacks and products that blew up. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t find at least one thing on Tik Tok that you had to try out for yourself. I know I’ve found a lot of beauty products, clothing items and new food hacks that I wanted to test out and see if they lived up to the hype. Anyone else make the feta and tomato pasta? Anyways, HC Pitt members have shared some of their Tik Tok inspired purchases. If you weren’t inspired to buy before, maybe you will be now. Let’s see if they’re worth it! 


“So I tried this one hair care brand from ‘A Hair Dresser Ranks Store Brand Shampoos’ and they gave a good ranking to Odele which is sold at Target! It worked pretty well with my hair!” – Eva A. 

“I was totally influenced to buy a gua sha. I use it every morning when I do my skincare routine and it really helps to de-puff my face.” – Olivia A. 

“I love the Cerave face wash! My skin has never been clearer.” – Claire U. 

“The hyaluronic acid serum from the Ordinary. Skincare by Hyram is amazing.” – Emily E. 

“I bought a bar of the Dove sensitive skin fragrance-free soap to use on my face and I really liked it for a while, but I’m pretty sure it’s part of the reason why my skin started getting super dried out! But I LIVE for the hyaluronic acid serum from the Ordinary, their glycolic acid toner and their full coverage foundation.” – Sabrina M. 


“I was inspired to try GymShark leggings because everyone on fit-tok raves about them and honestly, I didn’t like them as much as I thought I would! They looked great but the material was a little itchy, and I didn’t like how they rode up in the crotch area.” – Madelyn D. 

“I bought the Aerie crossover waist leggings. I love them! They’re buttery soft and flatter every waist. Highly recommend.” – Alaina V. 

“I bought those button pins for jeans that help you bring in the waist on your pants because my jeans are always too big around the waist! They were only $4 and they let me buy jeans that actually fit my thighs without having a gaping waist!” – Olivia A. 


“I painted a pong table because I saw a tik tok of someone doing it and it is my most prized possession. Can’t even use it because of Covid but I am so proud of myself.” – Emily E. 

Hi, I’m Lexie! I’m currently a junior at Pitt studying Professional and Media Communications. In my free time I love to work out, take pictures with my friends, and relax watching movies.
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