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HC Pitt February Obsessions!



We all have them. Obsessions that we go crazy over and seemingly can’t live without…until the next big obsession. May it be the newest nail polish style on Pinterest, or that one cute guy from that one amazing tv show, our tiny obsessions that we rush home to at the end of the day are the pleasures we indulge in to escape the real world for just a little bit. So, at our last meeting, the ladies (and gents) of HC Pitt wanted to give you guys our February Obsessions! Maybe you’ll find something new to obsess over!


1. Julia Campana: Kid President

2. Nahja Martin and Adéla Smehlik: Karaoke and Bastille

        Why we’re obsessed with them: Bastille’s cover of “No Scrubs” by TLC is AMAZING and we listen to it nearly everyday. And, we haven’t missed a Tuesday at Gdoor in weeks. Karaoke Tuesdays are the best!

3. Casey Gordon: Turkey bacon

4. Amanda Corrado: Essie Nail Polish (in purple!)

Why I’m obsessed with it: I love Essie because of the rich and fun colors (not to mention the clever and absolutely adorable names assigned to each) and the lasting quality of the polish. Some of my favorite new shades are “Resort Fling” “Mint Candy Apple” “Cute as a Button” and “Play Date.”

5. Yui Nakagawa: Zucchini

6. Gabby Wynn: Lupita N’yongo

Why I’m obsessed with her: She’s my fave because she radiates confidence and poise…she literally glows.

7. Mavis Salomon-Lowden: Knee Socks

Why I’m obsessed with it: They allow warmth but style in these insanely cold weather days. Adding a flare to plain black leggings!

8. Jasmine Johnson: ABC Family Saturday marathons

9. Claire Deahl: Looking (HBO tv show)

Why I’m obsessed with it: While it took a couple episodes for me to get into it, “Looking” is a guilty pleasure of mine. The show follows 3 self-interested but funny gay men living in San Fran.

10. Joelle Smith: Larry & Carols Pizza

11. Claire Peltier: Olay BB Cream

Why I’m obsessed with it: I started using BB Cream as part of my everyday makeup routine, and I absolutely love it. It works as a moisturizer and a foundation, because they’ve added a tint to match various skin tones. Plus, its even got SPF in it, so if you put it on in the morning, you can protect your skin from the sun throughout the day. Beauty experts always say to wear SPF even when its cloudy, and now you can incorporate it into makeup rather than putting on sunscreen every morning.

12. Kat Prosachik: Special K Nourish

Why I’m obsessed with it: It’s a mixture of grains like oatmeal and quinoa that fills you up like you wouldn’t believe, and better than that it’s delicious.

13. Frederika Unander-Scharin: Nico Mirallegro

Why I’m obsessed with him: Nico Mirallegro is a 23 year old actor from Manchester, England, who has been in multiple British television shows and, recently, several movies. He is currently starring in the British sitcom “My Mad Fat Diary” and historical drama “The Village”. He’s super dreamy…

14. Alex Bush: Couch-to-5k

Why I’m obsessed with it: The Couch-to-5k program makes it so easy to get in shape and accomplish your goals even if you’ve never owned a pair of running shoes (there’s even an app!).

15. Sarita Brady: The L Word

16. Lexi Surunis: Netflix

Why I’m Obsessed with it: I just recently got a Netflix account and it makes me wonder how I ever survived before having it! There’s just so many options and, well….Gossip Girl.

17. Josef Asfoura: Nicolas Cage

18. Kevin Narby: Flannel shirts and scarves

19. Lauren Nace: Veronica Mars

Why I’m obsessed with it: I was obsessed with Veronica Mars when it aired in 2004-2007, but it’s coming back this year as a movie that was entirely funded on Kickstarter by the fans who have been campaigning for a movie ever since the series was cancelled!

20. Andreja Comentale: Jared Leto

Why I’m obsessed with him: Two words: Jared. Leto. He won big this awards season, adores his mom, is socially conscious and inspiring (hello, his Oscars speech!), and no one can do the man-bun or ombre hair like he can.

21. Monica Khan: Kevin Spacey/Frank Underwood from House of Cards


From our team to yours! HCXO!

I'm a current Junior at the University of Pittsburgh, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Spanish language! I was born and raised in Philadelphia and I am a huge city kid! I'm very open about most things in my life; Sex, drinking, partying, friendships, etc. (you name it). I'm a firm believer of loving and knowing yourself before allowing others to make those decisions for you. If you don't love yourself or know who you are, then others never will!
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